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Live2D face motion control with ARKit face tracking sample



  • iPhone X ARKit Face tracking
  • Live2D Cubism 4.0 Face motion control
  • ReplayKit Live broadcasting



  1. Clone this repository with --recursive.
  2. Get Live2D Cubism SDK 2 from here. Tested version: Cubism 4 SDK for Native R1
  3. Unarchive the sdk and put include and lib directories into root directory of this repository.


  1. Set code signing team.
  2. Build App.


Source Code

Modified BSD 3-clause License

Cubism Native Framewoork

Model Data

一般ユーザーおよび小規模事業者は規約同意により商用利用可能。 中・大規模事業者は非公開テスト用途での利用のみ。 ご利用に際しては『無償提供マテリアルの使用許諾契約書』(ライセンスタイプ ・Live2Dオリジナルキャラクター)およびこちらの利用条件への同意が必要です。

Live2D Original Character License

2.1.3 Live2D Original Character License

The Customer, as long as the Customer complies with terms and conditions for utilizing each Live2D Original Character described in each down load page thereof, is licensed to use, alter and Distribute Live2D Original Character for Purpose of Use only. Unless expressly permitted, the Customer may not use, or Distribute or Redistribute alternation of, the sound data included in the Material. When the Customer has downloaded each Live2D Original Character, the Customer shall be deemed to have understood and agreed with whole of the terms and condition for utilizing the Live2D Original Character and this Agreement.

2.1.3 Live2Dオリジナルキャラクターライセンス


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