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Ubisoft backend developer role test.
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WebRTC based video interview practice.
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A list of questions to ask your interviewer
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mySidewalk Inc Interview Assessment

Submission Guidelines:

  • Of the roles linked to, choose the one that best aligns with your skillset and desired role at mySidewalk.
  • Read the prompt and prepare a submission that satisfies its requirements.
  • Include all source code, configuration, tests, assets, and documentation.
  • Archive (zip, 7z, gztar, etc.) your program and all supporting materials.
  • Email your submission to [email protected], subject line: “Code Submission: [Insert Role]”.


Level of Effort Guidelines:

  • Each prompt is designed to take less than 2 hours to prepare a submission.
  • We embrace open source technologies and frameworks. Starting with a complete, documented, tested framework saves time and improves quality. We recommend you use appropriate frameworks to complete submissions for the same reason.
  • Don't make the submission harder than it needs to be. Functionality, Readability, Runnability, and Tests/Analysis are the elements involved in score. Adding scope, creating an entire application, and otherwise gold-plating the solution are unnecessary.
  • Assume any text or strings mentioned may contain unicode characters.

Integrity Guidelines

We develop software collaboratively and survey available examples. We understand and endorse this practice. That said, we want to see your individual capabilities. If you derive your submission from another author or receive assistance:

  • Disclose this with appropriate inline comments and documentation.
  • Improve upon the work you derived from or the approach with which a colleague helped.
  • A cautionary note: It is trivial to determine that a submission is copied or plagiarized. If you use the source code or approach of another engineer, disclose it appropriately or you will be disqualified from the position.
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