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Creating custom URL shortener With Nodejs

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Building a custom URL shortening service like using ExpressJs and Mongodb




  • Back end

    • Express- Nodejs framwork for building the REST Apis
    • Mongodb- Document oriented NoSQL database
    • Mongoose- MongoDB object modeling tool
    • Short-id- Short id generator
    • Valid-url- URI validation functions
    • Nginx- Nginx is event-based and asynchronous web server.
  • Front end

    • React - JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
    • React-router- Complete routing library for React
    • Materialize css- Responsive front-end framework based on Material Design

Getting Started

Clone the project

# clone it
git clone
cd URL-Shortner
# Make it your own
rm -rf .git && git init

Run back end

# Move to server folder
cd server/
# Install dependencies
yarn install

# Start  server
yarn run server

Run front end

# Move to client folder
cd client/
# Install dependencies
yarn install
# Start  client
yarn run start




Creating custom URL shortener with Nodejs


  • [x] Front end app
  • [x] Documentation and Blog
  • [x] Add Redis for caching
  • [ ] Change short code algorithm and check duplicate short codes



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