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GraphQL, apollo-server, express.js 教学项目

This project introduces the important concepts and usage of GraphQL and apollo, as well as some typical issues such as pagination and N+1 query.

If you are looking for tutorial for apollographql version 2.x, please see this repo

这个项目介绍了GraphQLapollo的重要概念和用法, 包含一些典型例子:

  • N+1 查询优化
  • graphql-subscription
    • 多用户消息频道
    • nodejs server instances下通过GCP pub/sub进行消息通讯
    • websocket安全链接,基于jwt的用户认证
  • 文件上传
  • 内置directive,自定义directive
  • 批量查询
  • 自定义scalar类型
  • 分页 ...

这些例子涵盖了GraphQL, apollo-server最常用,最重要的功能,欢迎交流。


  • npm i to install dependencies
  • If you use vscode, select typescript version to local version
  • Take a look at .vscode/launch.json file, you will find how to launch program for each sample


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