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AmongUsMenu is a Cheat Menu for the popular Game Among Us.
Alternatives To Nomercy
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The "NoMercy" project is "the gold standard" open source Windows kernel/user mode anti cheat written with C/C++.


  • The project will not be updated for a while, due than my computer is corrupted.
  • The project is still under development
  • Currently just developed and tested on Windows 10 x64 RS4(1804) as WoW64 process
  • Build 3rd party dependencies or download released pre-compiled bundle and extract .zip content to "NoMercy\Extern\CompiledLibs"


System requirements

  • Windows Vista or greater

Planned Features;

  • DLL inject detection
  • Thread inject detection
  • Harmful thread detection
  • Virtual memory code inject detection
  • Virtual memory code modification detection
  • Virtual memory module integrity protection
  • Virtual memory hook & breakpoint & dump protection
  • Ingame harmful window detection
  • Mouse & Keyboard automation detection
  • Ingame keyboard hijack detection
  • Software & hardware macro detection
  • Multi client detection
  • Game client modification detection
  • Detect/Reject/Analysis game process memory access
  • Detect/Reject/Analysis game process handle access
  • Detect/Reject Kernel and User mode debugging
  • Detection execute on virtual machine, emulation and generic sandboxes
  • Hardware information based ban system
  • Heuristic detection
    • Common checks; File, Driver, Handle, Heap, Module, System object, Process, Virtual memory section, Thread, Window
  • Self integrity protection
  • Splash UI
  • Game specific protection methods
  • Special ring3 access protection


- to be added later


- to be added later

TODO, In development features;

TODO Main features;

  • Node JS based WebSocket API server
  • Plugin based heartbeat system
  • Self updater
  • Global hook engine
  • Protected network wrapper API for game <> client communication
  • Web interface
  • ARK like Remote Administration tool for manage master server connections

TODO Network Features;

  • Sequence
  • Daemon for master server(s)
  • P2P pool for master server(s)

TODO Kernel features;

  • Driver to Service Logger instance
  • Integrity check for self OB callbacks
  • Enumerate kernel memory for find manually mapped and hidden(unlinked), deleted(file), non-signed drivers, hijacked objects, non device created drivers also check loaded driver file-memory integritys
  • Anti hook (Inline, IAT, EAT, SSDT, SSSDT, IDT)
  • APC monitor for block injection
  • Anti speed hack based time modification detection/manipulation
  • Ring3 protection(PPL) for self protected apps
  • Anti debug/sandbox/hypervisor/virtualization
  • Scan/Analyse non paged allocations
  • Physical memory based SBD scan (MmGetPhysicalMemoryRanges)
  • Child process create monitor for our protected apps
  • Protect from inherit'd handles
  • Scan/Analyse VAD entries and hidden VAD entries
  • g_CiOptions integrity check
  • ExpLookupHandleTableEntry integrity check
  • KPP integrity check
  • SMEP integrity check
  • PPL manipulation check
  • PspNotifyEnableMask integrity check
  • Physical memory user mode access check
  • Block game hwnd access from window APIs(NtUserQueryWindow/NtUserBuildHwndList/NtUserFindWindowEx/NtUserGetForegroundWindow/NtUserSetWindowLong/NtUserWindowFromPoint)
  • Block suspend access to our kernel threads from System(4) process
  • Split handle owner system apps(csrss, lsass, pcasvc) accesses
  • Scan unloaded drivers(MmUnloadedDriver-MmLastUnloadedDriver) Also manipulation check just like list is it null, list is filled with fake modules(time ranges)
  • Hook & Analyse IRP_MJ_CREATE calls

TODO WebAPI Features;

  • Real time detection status
  • Game statistics data as Daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly
  • Accessed counts
  • Executed counts
  • Hacking tool detection counts
  • Unknown hardware devise frequency of use
  • Nationally executed/access frequency of use
  • Game play frequency of use
  • Operate system frequency use
  • National VPN detour frequency use
  • List of nationality hacking tool detection/user
  • Provide daily/weekly/monthly user statistic data
  • Rank of hacking tool used IP
  • Rank of hacking tool used system
  • Rank of hacking tool used account
  • Provide daily/weekly data
  • Accessed account/system mapping information
  • Hacking tool detection log information


Protector SDK files


NoMercy is licensed under the GPLv3 License. Dependencies are under their respective licenses.


  • Fork it(
  • Create your feature branch: "git checkout -b my-new-feature".
  • Commit your changes: "git commit -am 'Add some feature'".
  • Push to the branch: "git push origin my-new-feature".
  • Submit a pull request.



If you did like to buy me a coffee, I won't complain. x)





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