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Capture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions. Let users help you decide, persevere or pivot!

How does it work?

Moufette is built of 2 parts:

  1. A fully customizable embedable JS widget, to collect user feedback with screenshots, also allows your users to vote on upcoming features
  2. Dashboard to control the widget, customize it and review feedbacks and votes.

Quick start

1 click Heroku deploy:

Join us

Join our Moufette Slack if you need help, want to chat, or are thinking of a new feature idea.


  • [x] Lightweight embeddable widget built with React and highly customizable.
  • [x] Super Easy to integrate into any website with a tiny js snippet.
  • [x] Clean & simple Dashboard to review feedback with screenshots from your users.
  • [x] Super easy deploy using Heroku, and Docker coming soon.
  • [x] Visitors can vote for upcoming features.
  • [x] Customize widget from dashboard.

In the making

  • [ ] Embeddable Survey
  • [ ] Support Docker
  • [ ] Allow users to add comments/select area on the screenshot or attach certain element of the page
  • [ ] Analytics
  • [ ] Live view and feedback session
  • [ ] Track visitors VS users


Many engineers struggle to get the critical early feedback they need to help them navigate the product development and prioritize a long list of features. Moufette is here to solve that.

Moufette is not an analytics tool replacement but rather a complementary. It's important to understand how users behave on your website but in many cases you can't make any sense of their random clicks and scrolling. So why not just ask them! People love to tell what they think or even criticise especially if they think you're wrong (Cunningham's Law). And this is exactly what you need at this stage.

Open source / Paid

This repo is MIT licensed. Some time in the future will have a paid plan for things like a/b testing and dedicated support. Please reach out for more details.


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