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A fully asynchronous python ORM


WARNING: alpha version !!

WARNING: Work In Progress !!

AsyncORM is a fully async ORM inspired by the fantastic django orm

AsyncORM currently only supports postgres, but its developed to be "easy" to plug a number of different database interfaces.

It is designed to be used with any async library, but with sanic in mind.

To do

A number of things are needed to be able to release asyncOrm as a production ready ORM:

  • better the documentation!
  • migration support (forward migration at least)
  • other databases interfaces ( mysql / mariaDb first priority)
  • prefetch_related functionality
  • Missing Field types: OneToOneField


AsyncOrm currently only depends on AsyncPg and netaddr.

asyncpg, is a database interface library designed specifically for PostgreSQL and Python/asyncio.

netaddr, A network address manipulation library for Python

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