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Awesome Open Source

Present with joy in React. Minimal and self-contained framework for presentations built with styled-components. Presa aims to be:

  • Lightweight. No external css needed and as minimal dependencies as possible.
  • Extendable. Presa uses styled-components so almost all of its internal components can be extended and themized.
  • Modular. Core barebone and building blocks are separated and may be optionally excluded from the presentation.
  • Aestetically pleasing. Simple but functional UI, typography included.

Here is how Presa UI looks like:

Presa UI

List of currently supported features:

  • Slideshow mode with optinonal table of the contents in a sidebar.
  • Fullscreen API.
  • Supports clicker and keyboard navigation.
  • Bird's eye view mode.
  • Slides are components. They are not rendered until the slide is active.

Getting started

Let's add a simple slide with a background.

import { Presentation, Slide } from 'presa'

// No need to pass indexes here
const Deck = () => (
    <Slide background="wat.jpg">
      Let talk about JavaScript!

// Make sure you render into a full-page container
ReactDOM.render(<Deck />, container)

If you do that in your app, Presa will run automatically.


Feel free to open issues and PRs! If you want to develop Presa locally you can test your features by adding them to the demo deck inside the demo/ folder. To open the development server run yarn dev.

The project uses Prettier which runs automatically before every commit making the code base consistent. See also text editor integrations.

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