Django AWS S3 File Browser for Cloud Storage
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Django S3direct602761a year ago78June 17, 202233mitPython
Directly upload files to S3 compatible services with Django.
Django S3 Storage386
39a month ago33February 12, 20225bsd-3-clausePython
Django Amazon S3 file storage.
Django Minio Backend85
2 months ago40December 12, 20211mitPython
Minio Backend for Django
Heroku Django S380
10 years ago1Python
A clean Django project running on Heroku with static files served from Amazon S3.
Django S3file71
33 days ago76June 06, 20222mitPython
A lightweight file upload input for Django and Amazon S3
Aws Deployment70
5 months agomit
Instructions to deploy django, django channels to AWS
Django Uploadify S359
12 years agobsd-3-clausePython
A Django application that makes it easy to integrate the Uploadify uploader and Amazon S3 into your project.
Django S3 Sqlite39
a year ago4November 05, 20213Python
An AWS S3-hosted SQLite database backend for Django. Originally developed with Zappa-Django-Utils. Not for important use!
Django S3 Like Storage33
10 months ago2Python
Your Own Amazon S3 Django Storage
Django S3upload29
11 years ago2unlicenseJavaScript
Sample django project utilizing jQuery File Upload to upload files directly to s3
Alternatives To Djangos3browser
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Django S3 File Browser

Info: S3 File Browser For Django.
Author: Mehmet KAYKISIZ (

Django S3 File Browser is a simple web-based object browser for cloud-based blob datastores. Just add as an application to a Django project, add some settings, and you'll be able to browse cloud containers and implied subdirectories, as well as view / download objects.

Be sure to check out the following project resources:

Quick Start

First, download library:

pip install djangoS3Browser

Add djangoS3Browser to INSTALLED_APPS:


Then, make the necessary configurations for the Boto 3 library:


# AWS cache settings, don't change unless you know what you're doing:
AWS_EXPIRY = 60 * 60 * 24 * 7

# Revert the following and use str after the above-mentioned bug is fixed in
# either django-storage-redux or boto
control = 'max-age=%d, s-maxage=%d, must-revalidate' % (AWS_EXPIRY, AWS_EXPIRY)
    'Cache-Control': bytes(control, encoding='latin-1')

Next, do to Django S3 File Browser configuration:

S3_BROWSER_SETTINGS = "djangoS3Browser"

Next, add to TEMPLATES['OPTIONS'] in

'libraries': {
    's3-load': 'djangoS3Browser.templatetags.s3tags',

Then, add to

url(r'^' + settings.S3_BROWSER_SETTINGS + '/', include('djangoS3Browser.s3_browser.urls')),

Then, add this to the top of the page you want to add:

{% load s3tags %}

Finally, add this to the content of the page you want to add:

{% load_s3 %}
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