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Standalone PWA Editor with Git (for Chromebook)

Play here

Unstable: Data may be wiped by update

I am checking only Chrome and Chrome Canary.

How to develop

  • yarn watch: start dev server(localhost:8099)
  • yarn test: run jest and typescript checking

no service-worker in development.

How to create your own next-editor

Deploy your own apllication


  • yarn deploy: deploy to netlify
  • (Complete netlify authentication flow)


  • yarn build:prod
  • Deploy public directory to your host.

Optional: CORS-PROXY

Register to deploy cors-buster You need proxy to push GitHub

Optional: Custom entry

mkdir src-custom
touch src-custom/index.js
SRC="src-custom" yarn build:prod
// src-custom/index.js

import { setupInitialRepository } from "../src/domain/git/commands/setupInitialRepository"
import { run } from "../src/init"

// Write your own bootstrap
async function main() {
  try {
    await setupInitialRepository("/playground")
  } catch (e) {
    // Skip
    console.error("init error", e)


This feature is for private custom build to release

How to contribute

  • Fork this repository on GitHub
  • Write your code to modify
  • Write test under __tests__/*.ts
  • Pass yarn test
  • Create Pull-Request to this repository

See what @mizchi plan on

PR is welcome!



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