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Application Insights for .NET Apps

This is the .NET SDK for sending data to Azure Monitor & Application Insights.

Getting Started

Please review our How-to guides to review which packages are appropriate for your project:

Understanding our SDK

We've gathered a list of concepts, code examples, and links to full guides here.


We strongly welcome and encourage contributions to this project. Please review our Contributing guide.


  • master contains the latest published release located on NuGet.
  • develop contains the code for the next release.

NuGet packages

The following packages are published from this repository:

Nightly Build Latest Official Release
Base SDKs
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WindowsServer.TelemetryChannel Nightly Nuget
Auto Collectors (Generic)
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.DependencyCollector Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EventCounterCollector Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.PerfCounterCollector Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WindowsServer Nightly Nuget
Auto Collectors (ASP.NET)
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Web Nightly Nuget
Auto Collectors (ASP.NET Core)
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore Nightly Nuget
Auto Collectors (WorkerService, Console Application, etc.)
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WorkerService Nightly Nuget
Logging Adapters
- For ILogger: Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ApplicationInsights Nightly Nuget
- For NLog: Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.NLogTarget Nightly Nuget
- For Log4Net: Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Log4NetAppender Nightly Nuget
- For System.Diagnostics: Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.TraceListener Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.DiagnosticSourceListener Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EtwCollector Nightly Nuget
- Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EventSourceListener Nightly Nuget

Nightly Builds are available on our MyGet feed: These builds come from the develop branch. These are not signed and are not intended for production workloads.


Refer to our Milestones for progress on our next releases.


A guide on common troubleshooting topics is available here.

For immediate support relating to the Application Insights .NET SDK we encourage you to file an Azure Support Request with Microsoft Azure instead of filing a GitHub Issue in this repository. You can do so by going online to the Azure portal and submitting a support request. Access to subscription management and billing support is included with your Microsoft Azure subscription, and technical support is provided through one of the Azure Support Plans. For step-by-step guidance for the Azure portal, see How to create an Azure support request. Alternatively, you can create and manage your support tickets programmatically using the Azure Support ticket REST API.

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