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Ontodia is a JavaScript library that allows to visualize, navigate and explore data in the form of an interactive graph based on underlying data sources.

What is Ontodia for?

Ontodia allows you to create and persist diagrams made from existing data - relational, object, semantic.

It was designed to visualize RDF data sets in particular, but could be tailored to almost any data source by implementing a data provider interface.

Core features

  • Visual navigation and diagramming over large graph data sets
  • Rich graph visualization and context-aware navigation features
  • Ability to store and retrieve diagrams
  • User friendly - no graph query language or prior knowledge of the schema required
  • Customizable user interface (by modifying templates for nodes and links) and data storage back-end

How to try it?

You can follow developer tutorials at the developer documentation page


The Ontodia library is distributed under LGPL-2.1. A commercial license with additional features, support and custom development is available, please contact us at [email protected].

Developer documentation and contributing

Developer documentation is available at wiki page.

Giving Ontodia people credit

If you use the Ontodia library in your projects, please provide a link to this repository in your publication and a citation reference to the following paper:

Mouromtsev, D., Pavlov, D., Emelyanov, Y., Morozov, A., Razdyakonov, D. and Galkin, M., 2015. The Simple Web-based Tool for Visualization and Sharing of Semantic Data and Ontologies. In International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos).

    author = {Mouromtsev, Dmitry and Pavlov, Dmitry and Emelyanov, Yury and
        Morozov, Alexey and Razdyakonov, Daniil and Galkin, Mikhail},
    year = {2015},
    month = {10},
    title = {The Simple Web-based Tool for Visualization and Sharing of Semantic Data and Ontologies},
    booktitle = {International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos)}

It really helps our team to gain publicity and acknowledgment for our efforts. Thank you for being considerate!

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