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The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.
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JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures.
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The fastest knowledge base for growing teams. Beautiful, realtime collaborative, feature packed, and markdown compatible.
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Extensible low-code framework for building business applications. Connect to databases, cloud storages, GraphQL, API endpoints, Airtable, Google sheets, OpenAI, etc and build apps using drag and drop application builder. Built using JavaScript/TypeScript. 🚀
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A lightweight, self-hosted memo hub. Open Source and Free forever.
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An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify alternative.
3 days ago91mitDockerfile
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A highly customizable homepage (or startpage / application dashboard) with Docker and service API integrations.
a day ago432September 25, 2022108apache-2.0Go
An open-source Identity and Access Management (IAM) / Single-Sign-On (SSO) platform powered by Casbin and AI gateway with web UI supporting OAuth 2.0, OIDC, SAML and OpenAI ChatGPT
3 days ago92November 04, 2021334otherPHP
Pterodactyl® is a free, open-source game server management panel built with PHP, React, and Go. Designed with security in mind, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to end users.
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If you’re using Meshery or if you like the project, please this repository to show your support! 🤩


A self-service engineering platform, Meshery, is the open source, cloud native manager that enables the design and management of all Kubernetes-based infrastructure and applications. Among other features, As an extensible platform, Meshery offers visual and collaborative GitOps, freeing you from the chains of YAML while managing Kubernetes multi-cluster deployments.

Supported Cloud Native Infrastructure and Applications

Meshery supports 200+ cloud native integrations.

See all of Meshery's pluggable adapters



Meshery - the Cloud Native Manager



Cloud Native Lifecycle Management

Meshery manages the provisioning, configuration and operation of your Kubernetes clusters while supporting hundreds of different types of cloud native infrastructure integrations.

Meshery also offers a catalog of curated design templates filled with configuration best practices.

Using a GitOps-centric approach, visually and collaboratively design and manage your infrastructure and microservices. Use Meshery to interoperate your various cloud native systems. With both REST and GraphQL APIs, integrating with Meshery as an extensible platform is facilitated through NATS, CloudEvents, and gRPC.

Layer5 Service Mesh Management

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Configuration Management

Assess your cloud native infrastructure configuration against deployment and operational best practices with Meshery's configuration validator. Manage your workloads with confidence. Check your Kubernetes configuration for anti-patterns and avoid common pitfalls.

Layer5 Service Mesh Configuration Management

Adhering to Cloud Native Standards

Shows an illustrated light mode meshery logo in light color mode and a dark mode meshery logo dark color mode.

In an effort to produce service mesh agnostic tooling, Meshery uses the Service Mesh Performance specification as a common format to capture and measure your infrasturcture's performance against a universal cloud native performance index. As an implementation of Service Mesh Interface (SMI), Meshery participates in advancing cloud native infrastructure adoption through the standardization of APIs.

Standardized Cloud Native Performance Management

Meshery is the cloud native utility for uniformly managing the performance of microservices and the infrastructure that run them. As an implementation of the Service Mesh Performance (SMP), Meshery enables you to measure the value provided by Docker, Kubernetes, or a service mesh in the context of the overhead incurred.

Performance Management

Conforming to Service Mesh Interface (SMI)

Meshery provides tooling to validate any service mesh that claims to implement and conform to SMI specifications. Working in accordance with the SMI Conformance project, it essentially provides:

✔︎ Defines compliant behavior.
✔︎ Produces compatibility matrix.
✔︎ Ensures provenance of results.
✔︎ Runs a set of conformance tests.
✔︎ Built into the participating service mesh’s release pipeline.
✔︎ Provides Learn Layer5 sample application used for validating test assertions. SMI Validation, Verification, and Conformance with Meshery

WebAssembly Logo

Manage data plane intelligence with WebAssembly filters

Dynamically load and manage your own WebAssembly filters in Envoy-based service meshes.
WebAssembly filters See Image Hub.


Meshery Architecture

You may deploy Meshery internal to your cluster or external to your cluster.

Learn more about Meshery's architecture.

Get Started with Meshery

Using `mesheryctl`

Meshery runs as a set of containers inside or outside of your Kubernetes clusters.

curl -L | bash -

Use the quick start guide.

See all supported platforms

See the getting started section to quickly deploy Meshery on any of these supported platforms:

Platform Supported?
Docker ✔️
    Docker - Docker App ✔️
    Docker - Docker Extension ✔️
Kubernetes ✔️
    Kubernetes - AKS ✔️
    Kubernetes - Docker Desktop ✔️
    Kubernetes - EKS ✔️
    Kubernetes - GKE ✔️
    Kubernetes - Helm ✔️
    Kubernetes - kind ✔️
    Kubernetes - Minikube ✔️
    Kubernetes - OpenShift In Progress
Linux ✔️
Mac ✔️
    Mac - Homebrew ✔️
Windows ✔️
    Scoop ✔️
    WSL2 ✔️
Raspberry Pi In Progress

Meshery documentation offers thorough installation guides for your platform of choice.



Join the Meshery community!

Our projects are community-built and welcome collaboration. 👍 Be sure to see the Community Welcome Guide for a tour of resources available to you and see the Repository Overview for a cursory description of repository by technology and programming language. Jump into community Slack or discussion forum to participate.


Find your MeshMate

MeshMates are experienced Layer5 community members, who will help you learn your way around, discover live projects, and expand your community network. Conneect with a Meshmate today!

Find out more on the Layer5 community.

Layer5 Cloud Native Community

✔️ Join any or all of the weekly meetings on community calendar.
✔️ Watch community meeting recordings.
✔️ Fill-in a community member form to gain access to community resources.
✔️ Discuss in the Community Forum.
✔️ Explore more in the Community Handbook.

Not sure where to start? Grab an open issue with the help-wanted label.



Please do! We're a warm and welcoming community of open source contributors. Please join. All types of contributions are welcome. Be sure to read the Contributor Guides for a tour of resources available to you and how to get started.



If you’re using Meshery or if you like the project, please star this repository to show your support! 🤩


This repository and site are available as open-source under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

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