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MelisCms provides a full CMS for Melis Platform, including templating system, drag'n'drop of plugins, SEO and many administration tools.
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MelisCms provides a full CMS for Melis Platform, including templating system, drag'n'drop of plugins, SEO and many administration tools.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your machine.
This Melis Platform module is made to work with the MelisCore.


You will need to install melisplatform/melis-core and melisplatform/melis-engine in order to have this module running.
This will automatically be done when using composer.


Run the composer command:

composer require melisplatform/melis-cms

Tools & Elements provided

  • Page Edition System (Edition, Properties, SEO, Languages)
  • Site Tool
  • Template Tool
  • Platform Ids Tool
  • Site Redirect Tool
  • Styles Tool
  • Page's Languages Tool
  • Dashboard Indicators
  • Site Tree View
  • Site Tree Explorer & Search
  • Melis Templating Plugins Components for back-office

Running the code

MelisCms Services

MelisCms provides many services to be used in other modules:

  • MelisCmsPageService
    Services to save a page and to save its different parts (SEO, styles, languages, etc).
    File: /melis-cms/src/Service/MelisCmsPageService.php
// Get the service
$pageSrv = $this->getServiceManager()->get('MelisCmsPageService');  
// Save a page and get its id back
$pageId = $pageSrv->savePage($pageTree, $pagePublished, $pageSaved, $pageSeo, $pageLang, $pageStyle);  
  • MelisCmsSiteService
    Save a site, get the list of pages of a site and many more.
    File: /melis-cms/src/Service/MelisCmsSiteService.php
// Get the service
$cmsSiteSrv = $this->getServiceManager()->get('MelisCmsSiteService');  
// Get list of pages of this site
$sitePages = $cmsSiteSrv->getSitePages($siteId);  
  • MelisCmsPageGetterService
    Get the full HTML of a page. This service works with the cache system. A page must have been generated at least one, so that the cache is generated and available to be used by the service.
    Cache is generated in this folder: /cache
    File: /melis-cms/src/Service/MelisCmsPageGetterService.php
// Get the service
$pageGetterService = $this->getServiceManager()->get('MelisCmsPageGetterService');  
// Get list of pages of this site
$pageContent = $cmsSiteSrv->getPageContent($pageId);  
  • MelisCmsRightsService
    Get the rights defined for the user and adapt access to the different elements of the interface:
    File: /melis-cms/src/Service/MelisCmsRightsService.php
// Get the service  
$melisCmsRights = $this->getServiceManager()->get('MelisCmsRights');  
// Get the user's rights  
$xmlRights = $melisCoreAuth->getAuthRights();  
// find if a user has access to it
// Example: find if a user has access to a specific page id
$isAccessible = $melisCmsRights->isAccessible($xmlRights, MelisCmsRightsService::MELISCMS_PREFIX_PAGES, $idPage);          

MelisCms Forms

Forms factories

All Melis CMS forms are built using Form Factories.
All form configuration are available in the file: /melis-cms/config/app.forms.php
Any module can override or add items in this form by building the keys in an array and marge it in the Module.php config creation part.

return array(
	'plugins' => array(
		// MelisCms array
		'meliscms' => array(
			// Form key
			'forms' => array(
				// MelisCms Page Properties form
				'meliscms_page_properties' => array(
					'attributes' => array(
						'name' => 'pageproperties',
						'id' => 'idformpageproperties',
						'method' => 'POST',
						'action' => '/melis/MelisCms/Page/saveProperties',
					'hydrator'  => 'Laminas\Hydrator\ArraySerializable',
					'elements' => array(  
							'spec' => array(
					'input_filter' => array(      
						'page_id' => array(

Forms elements

MelisCms provides many form elements to be used in forms:

  • MelisCmsTemplateSelect: a dropdown to select a template
  • MelisCmsPlatformSelect: a dropdown to select a platform
  • MelisCmsStyleSelect: a dropdown to select a style
  • MelisSwitch: an on-off button designed for Melis Platform
  • MelisCmsLanguageSelect: a dropdown to select the language
  • MelisCmsPageLanguagesSelect: a dropdown to select the page language
  • MelisMultiValInput: multiple input selection
  • MelisCmsPlatformIDsSelect: a dropdown to select the platform id
  • MelisCmsPluginSiteSelect: a dropdown to select the site
  • MelisCmsPluginSiteModuleSelect: a dropdown to select the module

Listening to services and update behavior with custom code

Most services trigger events so that the behavior can be modified.

public function attach(EventManagerInterface $events)
    $sharedEvents      = $events->getSharedManager();
    $callBackHandler = $sharedEvents->attach(

    		$sm = $e->getTarget()->getEvent()->getApplication()->getServiceManager();
    		// Custom Code here
    $this->listeners[] = $callBackHandler;

TinyMCE configurations

MelisCms brings 3 defaults configuration when editing a template within a "MelisTag" editable area:

  • html: full sets of buttons for the editor
  • textarea: buttons limited to text and links
  • media: buttons limited to media object insertion such as images and videos
    Creating other config is possible. Add the config in a file then declare the file in the module.config.php file of the module:
// Config Files  
'tinyMCE' => array(  
	'html' => 'MelisCms/public/js/tinyMCE/html.php',  
	'textarea' => 'MelisCms/public/js/tinyMCE/textarea.php',  
	'media' => 'MelisCms/public/js/tinyMCE/media.php',  
  • mini templates will automatically turned into plugins if places in their folder.

Javascript helpers provided with MelisCms

  • melisLinkTree: Shows a modal with the treeview to search and make a page selection


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the OSL-3.0 License - see the file for details

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