Learning Wasserstein Embeddings

Keras implementation of Deep Wasserstein Embeddings
Alternatives To Learning Wasserstein Embeddings
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Keras Textclassification1,641
6 months ago9December 19, 20201mitPython
中文长文本分类、短句子分类、多标签分类、两句子相似度(Chinese Text Classification of Keras NLP, multi-label classify, or sentence classify, long or short),字词句向量嵌入层(embeddings)和网络层(graph)构建基类,FastText,TextCNN,CharCNN,TextRNN, RCNN, DCNN, DPCNN, VDCNN, CRNN, Bert, Xlnet, Albert, Attention, DeepMoji, HAN, 胶囊网络-CapsuleNet, Transformer-encode, Seq2seq, SWEM, LEAM, TextGCN
Nlp Journey1,563
6 months ago3April 29, 2020apache-2.0Python
Documents, papers and codes related to Natural Language Processing, including Topic Model, Word Embedding, Named Entity Recognition, Text Classificatin, Text Generation, Text Similarity, Machine Translation),etc. All codes are implemented intensorflow 2.0.
Entity Embedding Rossmann694
4 years ago2Jupyter Notebook
Deepnlp Course479
5 years ago4Jupyter Notebook
Deep NLP Course
3 years agoJupyter Notebook
Course repo for Applied Natural Language Processing (Spring 2019)
15 months ago21November 29, 202333apache-2.0Python
a Deep Learning Framework for Text
Elmo Bilstm Cnn Crf363
3 years ago28apache-2.0Python
BiLSTM-CNN-CRF architecture for sequence tagging using ELMo representations.
9 months agomit
ACG2vec全称为Anime Comics Games to vector。本repo会持续维护一些基于二次元相关的深度学习领域实践与探索(文本语义检索、以图搜图、语义搜图、图片超分辨率等)。
Keras Elmo234
5 years ago6Jupyter Notebook
How to use ELMo embeddings in Keras with Tensorflow Hub
Semantic Embeddings206
3 years ago1mitPython
Hierarchy-based Image Embeddings for Semantic Image Retrieval
Alternatives To Learning Wasserstein Embeddings
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