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8D Audio

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The inspiration for this project came from a series of YouTube videos I was shown, called 8D Audio.
Yeah, the name doesn't make a ton of sense, but anyways, I thought this was pretty neat. I think it would be cool to try and make a series of signal processing methods to make any song "8D Audio". This is what it looks like so far. 8d

Getting Started

The dependancies required to run the script are in requirments.txt. This was built using python 3.6.5, you can install the dependancies with the command
pip install -r requirements.txt
To add effects chains to the songs such as reverb, you need SoX installed on your computer. If you are on Windows, make sure you add SoX to PATH in enviorment variables. The web app also now has the funcitonality to download a song from youtube given a link. In order for this to run locally, you may also need ffprobe or avprobe. I use ffprobe, you can download it here.
The system architecture is as follows.

    • This is the main script to launch the flask app
    • This is the method containing all of the digital signal processing
  • templates/.
    • Webpage to be rendered
  • static/
    • Folder used by flask to serve up index.js and index.css to webpage
  • out/
    • A temp folder for storing audio files To run the flask app locally, python

What needs to be done

Currently, audio moves on horizontal plane and vertical plane with effects chain and is pretty close to achieving "8D" status. Some other things I am wanting to approve:

  • Reduce loss in audio reconstruction from ifft when applying high and low pass filters

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