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A curated list of awesome resources related to Soccer Analytics in english and spanish.

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  • BDFUTBOL: Paid - Historical football results, players and teams data
  • ClubElo: Free - Historical ELO rankings for european soccer.

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  • BirdsPyView: (Python) A Streamlit app to transform perspective of an image to a top-down view by identifying a rectangle on the ground
  • ggsoccer - (R) Plot Opta-style soccer event data in R/ggplot2.
  • PlusMinusModels - (R) This package fits plus-minus models for sports data.
  • PyFootballPitch - (Python) Functions to draw a football pitch in various available styles for matplotlib and bokeh.
  • SBpitch - (R) Creates customisable plots of pitches in ggplot2 that allows event data to be plotted on top.
  • socceraction: (Python) - Convert existing soccer event stream data to SPADL and value player actions
  • soccerAnimate: (R) - An R package to create 2D animations of soccer tracking data
  • soccermatics - (R) Tools for visualisation and analysis of soccer spatiotemporal data.
  • Tracking-Data - (R) Plots soccer tracking data.


  • Codeball - (Python) Data driven tactical and video analysis of soccer games.
  • Expected-Goals-Model - (R) Expected Goals Model.
  • extending-xG-gain - (R) An attempt to extend xG gain.
  • Football-crunching - (Python) Some soccer analysis.
  • passing-networks - (R) Tools to create team passing networks from soccer passing data.
  • regista - (R) Package for performing some of the common modelling tasks in soccer analytics.
  • simulated-walks - (R) Simulate movement of football players using a random walk rule.
  • statsbomb-parser - (Python) Convert StatsBomb's JSON data into easy-to-use CSV format.
  • statsbomb_python - (Python) Python Package for using Statsbomb IQ dataset.
  • StatsBomb_WomensData - (R) Utilising the free women's football data supplied by Statsbomb to help explore and teach football analytics.
  • xyFootyPy - (Python) Introduction to working with Positional Data - Using RoboCup 2D Simulation Data.
  • football-graphs - (Clojure) Some visualizations on passing networks


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