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Contains pipes / directives / validators / mask for brazillian like apps

Build Status

Supports: Angular2 to Angular11

Live example:

This project was tested integrated with the following techs:

  • angular
  • angular-material
  • ionic3 (masks is not fully working, that is an issue for that, but pipes/directives/validators/mask works)


  • CPF
  • CNPJ
  • RG
  • Inscrição Estadual
  • Telefone e Celular
  • CEP
  • Currency (Dinheiro)
  • Time (horas e minutos)
  • Number (numero e ponto decimal)
  • Placa de Carro
  • Renavam
  • Título de Eleitor
  • Proceso Jurídico

See the demo working project:

Demo Image


To install this library with npm, run:

npm install --save ng-brazil js-brasil



Import module in root

import { NgBrazil } from 'ng-brazil' 

  declarations: [
  imports: [
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

Using Masks

If you would like to use masks install the module:

npm i -S angular2-text-mask text-mask-addons

And import to your main app:

import { TextMaskModule } from 'angular2-text-mask';

imports: [

Then setup your component:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { MASKS, NgBrazilValidators } from 'ng-brazil';

  selector: 'app-root',
  template: '<input type="text" [cpf]>',
  styleUrls: ['./app.component.css']
export class AppComponent {
  public MASKS = MASKS;
  constructor() { 
    this.formFields = {
      estado: [''],
      cpf: ['', [<any>Validators.required, <any>NgBrazilValidators.cpf]],
      cnpj: ['', [<any>Validators.required, <any>NgBrazilValidators.cnpj]],
      rg: ['', [<any>Validators.required, <any>NgBrazilValidators.rg]],
      cep: ['', [<any>Validators.required, <any>NgBrazilValidators.cep]],
      telefone: ['', [<any>Validators.required, <any>NgBrazilValidators.telefone]],
      inscricaoestadual: ['', [<any>Validators.required, <any>NgBrazilValidators.inscricaoestadual(this.estado)]]
    this.form =;


Forms and Mask

<input type="text" formControlName="cnpj" cnpj [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.cnpj.textMask}">
<input type="text" formControlName="cpf" cpf [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.cpf.textMask}">
<input type="text" formControlName="rg" rg [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.rg.textMask}"> 
<input type="text" formControlName="inscricaoestadual" inscricaoestadual="mg" [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.inscricaoestadual[estado].textMask}">
<input type="text" formControlName="telefone" telefone #telefone [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.telefone.textMaskFunction}">
<input type="text" formControlName="cep" cep [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.cep.textMask}">

<input type="text" formControlName="number" number [textMask]="{mask: MASKS.number.textMask}">


CPF: From 12345678910 to {{'12345678910' | cpf}} <br/>
CNPJ: From 40841253000102 to {{'40841253000102' | cnpj}} <br/>
RG: From MG10111222 to {{'MG10111222' | rg}} <br/>
Inscrição Estadual: From 0018192630048 to {{'0018192630048' | inscricaoestadual: 'mg'}} <br/>
Telefone: From 3199998888 to {{'3199998888' | telefone}} <br/>
Number: From 123.23 to {{'123.23' | numberBrazil}} <br/>
Number sem decimais: From 123.23 to {{'123.23' | numberBrazil: 0}} <br/>
Currency: From 123.23 to {{'123.23' | currencyBrazil}} <br/>
import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NgBrDirectives } from 'ng-brazil';

  selector: 'app-root',
  template: '<input type="text" [cpf]>',
  styleUrls: ['./app.component.css']
export class AppComponent {
  inscricaoestadual() {
    const {InscricaoEstadualPipe} = NgBrDirectives;
    return new InscricaoEstadualPipe()
      .transform('625085487072', 'sp');


Demo component files are included in Git Project.

Demo Project: [

Reference projects:


There is some issues to work with, check it out


Fork this project then install global libs:

  • npm i -g rimraf ng-packagr @angular/compiler-cli @angular/compiler tslib ngc

Finally working in the project folder:

  • npm i
  • npm run build:lib
  • npm run dist
  • npm run start

To publish a new release, update the version in package.json and src/package.json, then run npm run publish-npm.



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