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IONIC Boilerplate

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A ionic boilerplate for starting new projects. This boilerplate will follow the best practices for angular and ionic development.

NOTE: I moved Unit tests from running through Rollup to Webpack with release 0.10.0. If you are looking to the old configuration see the rollup branch.

Table of Contents


  • Ionic 3
  • Es-Lodash instead of Lodash to reduce final bundle size.
  • NVM to manage multiple active node.js versions
  • Yarn for fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.
  • BetterScripts for better NPM scripts.
  • ENV variables from package.json injected automatically.
  • Documentation with Typedoc.
  • Continuous Integration with Gitlab CI see here for info.
    • Automatic apk only when pushing to release branch.
    • Automatic ipa through ionic package only when pushing to release branch.
    • A Docker image.
  • Tests
    • Unit tests with Karma.
    • E2E tests with Protractor.
    • Screenshot reporter for Protractor.
    • Code coverage with Istanbul.
    • Gitlab badge see here for info
    • Headless Chrome support for testing
  • Linting
  • GIT
    • Workflow with Commitizen.
    • Automatic changelog.
    • Automatic alignment of app version in config.xml from package.json through cordova hook.


  • Automatic download .ipa in gitlab artificts.

Installation & Configuration

Quick Start

# Required dependecies (on Mac Os also install ios-sim and ios-deploy)
npm i -g cordova ionic yarn
gem install scss_lint

# Clone the repo --depth 1 removes all but one .git commit history
git clone --depth 1

# Change directory
cd ionic2-boilerplate

# Install project dependencies
yarn --ignore-engines
npm run post-install

# Launch ionic serve
npm run dev

TO RUN IONIC: Make sure you have Node version >= 6.X and NPM >= 3
TO RUN SCSS-LINT: Make sure you have Ruby >= 2

NPM scripts commands

Task Description
dev Run ionic serve
build Full production build. Use --dev flag for dev build.
release Generate changelog based on commits
push Shortcut for git push origin master --follow-tags
lint Lint with tslint
scss-lint Lint scss
test Runs Karma test
test:watch Runs Karma test watching for edits (TDD style)
e2e Runs e2e protractor tests
e2e:interactive Runs e2e protractor tests in interactive mode
docs Generate code documentation through Typedoc
outdated Search npm packages for outdated dependencies
post-install Update web-driver to be able to run e2e tests.
ios:dev Build .ipa using dev environment vars
ios:release Build .ipa with production environment vars
android:dev Build .apk using dev environment vars
android:release Build .apk with production environment vars

Gitlab CI Configuration

  • To get code coverage percentage badge use the following regexp: Lines\s*:\s*(\d*\.?\d+)% in Gitlab CI/CD pipelines.
  • To get the automatic .ipa from ionic package first setup a profile with certificates for ios. Secondly add the following Secret variables in Gitlab. N.B. Be sure to don't show Build results (edit project settings) for your repo otherwise those vars could be exposed.
Key Description
IONIC_EMAIL Your email
IONIC_PASSWORD Your password
IONIC_PACKAGE_BUILD_RELEASE (Optional) Indicate whether this is a release build. Possible values are true or false. Defaults to false.
IONIC_PACKAGE_BUILD_PROFILE Security profile to use for the build, as defined in console.


Optional Libraries

If you want everything to just work nicely with rollup, use es2015 libraries like lodash-es instead of lodash. In the case of lodash-es try to do: import map from 'lodash-es/map' rather than import { map } from 'lodash-es'. See here for further info. To find examples on how to import 3rd party libs with ionic and rollup see here and here

  • Error logging: Sentry
  • Database: PouchDB or Ionic-storage. Don't use localstorage as it can be deleted by OS to free memory.
  • Time and Dates: MomentJs
  • NGRX pattern/library if you plan to make a big app.

Git Workflow

  • Optionally you can use Git flow
  • If you want to bump the changelog, run "npm run release"
  • This repo has a mirror repo in gitlab for CI after every push on master you will get automatically all tests and lints run. To get .ipa and .apk build you need to push to the release git branch. The reason is to avoid unnecessary builds (free limit is 100/month) for ios.
  • You should consider to write a shortcut in .bashrc for the following commands
git add .
npm run commit // this will run tslint + scss lint + commit
npm run push // this will run unit tests + push to master
// now check on GITLAB if there are no errors, than if you want push your commits to the release branch to get automatic ipa and apk

Useful Links

Ionic & Cordova

  • Avoid the use of ionic state commands and also ionic plugin/platform. Use directly cordova prepare (or cordova plugin/platform). Also save your plugin/platform only inside config.xml, not package.json to avoid confusion. See this for further informations.


  • Set code style for typescript:
    • {import} -> { import }
    • import * from "lodash" -> import * from 'lodash'
  • Set typescript settings to be used with the version inside node_modules instead of the bundled one
  • Don't activate typescript compiler.
  • Enable tslint in settings
  • Download scss lint plugin and enable it


  • You should avoid Windows. I tried a lot of times and at the end found myself switching to a Mac VM or Hackintosh or Linux distro. The following tips are not resolutive but can help you set up a nice environment.
  • Instead of windows terminal I used cmder.
  • If you use Webstorm. Set terminal settings as follow -> "cmd.exe" /k ""%CMDER_ROOT%\vendor\init.bat""
  • Remember to re-start webstorm every time you make a change to the terminal.
  • npm install --global --production windows-build-tools //node-gyp fix
  • Set webstorm to write with line endingds LF (mac os or unix)
  • To avoid git warnings: git config core.autocrlf false


Copyright (c) 2016 Marco Turi
Source code is open source and released under the MIT license.

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