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Appcelerator Titanium Android module to support smooth and scalable animations using Airbnb Lottie.

⚠️ The versions iOS 2.0.0 and Android 3.0.0 contain a breaking change that removed the Facebook Keyframes library. We decided to go with a Lottie only library for the future, since it made the race for the best animation library. Also, the deprecated method addViewToLayer is now removed. Please continue to use addViewToKeypathLayer.

Migrate from iOS < 2.0.0 and Android < 3.0.0

Instead of using createLottieView, simply use createAnimationView now. That's it!


  • Axway Titanium SDK 7.0.0+
  • Axway Titanium SDK 9.0.0+ for Ti.Animation 4.0.0+

Library versions:

The Titanium modules use external libraries

Library Platform Version Build Date
Airbnb Lottie Android 3.5.0 2020/11/09
Airbnb Lottie iOS 2.5.2 2018/12/10

Create a View

var animation = TiAnimation.createAnimationView({
  file: '/file.json',
  loop: false,
  autoStart: false

or in Alloy:

<AnimationView id='view_lottie' module='ti.animation' />

Update native Libraries

  • iOS: Use Carthage and carthage update to compile the framework automatically. Then, copy the output from ios/Carthage/Build/iOS to ios/platform/.
  • Android: change the version number in build.gradle



Name Parameter Info Platforms
start() Starts an animation from the beginning iOS, Android
start(int from, int to) Startframe, Endframe Plays an animation from frame from to to Android
pause() Pause an animation iOS, Android
resume() Resumes an animation from the current point iOS, Android
stop() Stops an animation an resets it iOS, Android
addEventListener(String event, Callback function) Event name as string
Callback function
Adds events to the animation view iOS, Android
setFile(String path) File path as string Sets the current animation, Files go into app/assets/ (Alloy) Android
setText(String layer, String text) Layer, Text Sets the text in the layer layer to text Android
addViewToKeypathLayer(TiUiView view, String layer) View, Layer Adds a given Ti.UI.View instance to a layer with the given name iOS
convertRectToKeypathLayer() args - iOS
convertPointToKeypathLayer() args - iOS
convertRectFromKeypathLayer() args - iOS
convertPointFromKeypathLayer() args - iOS
setValueDelegateForKeyPath() args - iOS


Name Parameter Info Platforms
progress float Get/set the current progress (in percentage) Android
loop boolean Get/set if the animation should loop Android
speed float Get/set the speed of the animation Android
duration float Get/set the duration of the animation Android
isPlaying boolean Get the animation status Android
cache() boolean - iOS

creation (tss) only:

Name Parameter Info Platforms
assetFolder String If your animation contains images put the folder inside the assetFolder (e.g. images/ and put the image files inside app/assets/images/) Android
file String JSON file. Files go into app/assets/ (Alloy) iOS, Android
loop boolean loop the animation iOS, Android
autoStart boolean automatically start the animation iOS, Android


Name Info Properties Platforms
complete When the animation is done Status:int, Loop:boolean iOS, Android
update Fires during the animation Frame:int, status:int (ANIMATION_START, ANIMATION_END, ANIMATION_CANCEL, ANIMATION_REPEAT, ANIMATION_RUNNING) Android

iOS Constants

used in setValueDelegateForKeyPath.type

Name Platforms


<AnimationView id='view_lottie' module='ti.animation' />
'#view_lottie': {
  file: 'data.json',
  assetFolder: 'images/', // Android-only
  width: Ti.UI.SIZE,
  height: Ti.UI.SIZE,
  borderColor: '#000',
  borderWidth: 1

Please see the basic example in example/app.js. More examples can found in the wiki


If you scale your view bigger and you have some jagged lines you need to add disableHardwareAcceleration:true to your tss file. Performance will be slower in most cases but quality is better



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