React Contenteditable

React component for a div with editable contents
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React component for a div with editable contents

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npm install react-contenteditable


import React from 'react'
import ContentEditable from 'react-contenteditable'

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  constructor() {
    this.contentEditable = React.createRef();
    this.state = {html: "<b>Hello <i>World</i></b>"};

  handleChange = evt => {

  render = () => {
    return <ContentEditable
              html={this.state.html} // innerHTML of the editable div
              disabled={false}       // use true to disable editing
              onChange={this.handleChange} // handle innerHTML change
              tagName='article' // Use a custom HTML tag (uses a div by default)

Available props

prop description type
innerRef element's ref attribute Object | Function
html required: innerHTML of the editable element String
disabled use true to disable editing Boolean
onChange called whenever innerHTML changes Function
onBlur called whenever the html element is blurred Function
onFocus event fires when an element has received focus Function
onKeyUp called whenever a key is released Function
onKeyDown called whenever a key is pressed Function
className the element's CSS class String
style a collection of CSS properties to apply to the element Object

Known Issues

If you are using hooks, please see this issue. Using this component with useState doesn't work, but you can still use useRef :

const text = useRef('');

const handleChange = evt => {
    text.current =;

const handleBlur = () => {

return <ContentEditable html={text.current} onBlur={handleBlur} onChange={handleChange} />


You can try react-contenteditable right from your browser to see if it fits your project's needs:

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