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My Resume and LaTeX Template

Weitian LI <[email protected]>


This repository holds my resume (Chinese and English), the resume LaTeX template, and the Font Awesome 5 LaTeX style.

This template is based on the YACC: Another Awesome CV by Christophe Roger, which is further based on the Plasmati Graduate CV by Alessandro Plasmati.


  1. Install XeLaTeX, latexmk, GNU Make, and GhostScript packages;
  2. Install Font Awesome 5 and other required fonts;
  3. Replace resume-zh.tex and resume-en.tex with your versions;
  4. Compile to PDFs with a simple make :-)

NOTE: The TEXINPUTS environment variable is set in the Makefile so that XeLaTeX can find the resume.cls template and fontawesome5.sty package. If you don't or can't use this Makefile, e.g., on Windows, then you need to appropriately configure your environment.

NOTE: I use Windows only a bit, so I don't have a guide to use this template on Windows. I'm glad to accept suggestions and updates.

Font Awesome 5

I wrote a simple tool, which will download the latest icon list from the Font Awesome project and then generate the LaTeX style file for using the latest Font Awesome 5 fonts (the free edition) in LaTeX.

This Python script requires the PyYAML package, which can be installed with pip3 install --user PyYAML or sudo apt install python3-yaml.

A pre-generated style file fontawesome5.sty (matches Font Awesome v5.13.1) is also provided.

The Font Awesome fonts are designed by the Font Awesome project and can be obtained from here. NOTE: All the following 3 fonts should be installed into the system:

  • Font Awesome 5 Free (generic icons in regular style, much less than the solid style)
  • Font Awesome 5 Free Solid (generic icons in solid style)
  • Font Awesome 5 Free Brands (various brand icons)

i.e., the following 3 OTF files are needed:

  • Font Awesome 5 Free-Regular-400.otf
  • Font Awesome 5 Free-Solid-900.otf
  • Font Awesome 5 Brands-Regular-400.otf

Required Fonts

Besides the Font Awesome fonts, this template also requires the following opensource fonts:

  • IBM Plex (Serif, Mono)

    Download the archive from the releases page, and then extract the IBM-Plex-Serif and IBM-Plex-Mono directories and install them.

  • Source Han Serif

    The OTF font files for Simplified Chinese can be downloaded from here. Just download all the weight variants: ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Heavy.

Of course, you can use the fonts you prefer by modifying the template directly. However, you may need to tweak the column width in the template accordingly.

Fonts Installation

On Linux systems, create a directory for each font family under ~/.local/share/fonts, then copy the font files (OTF or TTF) over, then execute fc-cache -f to refresh the font cache, done.

Take the Font Awesome font family as an example:

  1. mkdir -p ~/.local/share/fonts/FontAwesome
  2. cp <font-awesome-otf-files> ~/.local/share/fonts/FontAwesome/
  3. fc-cache -fv
  4. check the fonts correctly installed: fc-list | grep 'FontAwesome'


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