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Localize Atom :atom: for your locale.

One i18n package for Any language. šŸŒ šŸŒŽ šŸŒ

Community-driven translation. šŸ‘Ŗ





Language Support

Language code status
Arabic ar āœ… 100%
Belarusian be āœ… 100%
Czech cs āš ļø 40% I can translate
German de āš ļø 99% I can translate
Esperanto eo āš ļø 5% I can translate
Spanish es āœ… 100%
Persian fa āœ… 100%
Finnish fi āœ… 100%
French fr āœ… 100%
Hebrew he āœ… 100%
Hindi hi āœ… 100%
Hungarian hu āœ… 100%
Italian it āœ… 100%
Japanese ja āœ… 100%
Korean ko āœ… 100%
Kannada kn āœ… 100%
Dutch nl āš ļø 80% I can translate
Polish pl āœ… 100%
Portuguese(Brazil) pt-br āœ… 100%
Romanian ro āœ… 100%
Russian ru āš ļø 99% I can translate
Slovak sk āš ļø 40% I can translate
Albanian sq āœ… 100%
Thai th āš ļø 80% I can translate
Ukrainian uk āœ… 100%
Chinese(Simplified) zh-cn āœ… 100%
Chinese(Traditional) zh-tw āœ… 100%

Welcome to āž• Propose new translation for your locale šŸ“

Who can Contribute?

  • Anyone is welcomed to contribute. Any language is welcomed.

How to Contribute?

Thanks to Contributors


Project Structure

  • def/ is directory containing translation content

    • content is grouped by locale folder
  • lib/ is about translation operations

    • contains main.js which is entry point
    • 5 parts require translation:
      • menus in the top
      • context-menu when right clicked
      • settings page
      • about page
      • welcome page
  • package.json contains package metadata

    • key configSchema defines supported languages
  • spec/ contains scripts checking cson files inside def/

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