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Cake Build System ( Description ----------- Cake is a fast, general purpose build system written in Python. Cake has builtin support for building C/C++ projects but can be easily extended to support other kinds of build targets. Features -------- - Platorm support - Windows - Cygwin - Compiler support - Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 - Visual C++ Express - WindowsSDK - GCC - MinGW - Build Variants - Object file cache - Multi-threaded builds - Basic shell commands - Pre-compiled headers Upcoming Features ----------------- - Linux support - OSX support - CodeWarrior support License ------- Licensed under the MIT license. Installing ---------- 1 - Open a command prompt in this documents directory. 2 - Type 'python install'. Optionally run the chosen installer executable or script for your operating system, if it exists. Usage ----- config.cake =========== When Cake starts it will search for a 'config.cake' file starting from the directory of the 'build.cake' script it is trying to execute. This file should generally be located in your projects root directory. The quickest way to create a config.cake file is to copy src/cake/ The example config file supports automatic detection of MSVC, MinGW and Gcc compilers, and two development modes, 'debug' and 'release'. Running Cake ============ To run cake you simply type cake at the command line: 'cake' It will automatically look for a file called 'build.cake' in the current directory and execute it. You can optionally supply the script filename you want to run as an argument, eg: 'cake C:\projects\mylibrary\buildmylibrary.cake'. You can also specify which variants to run by supplying variant keywords, eg: 'cake platform=windows compiler=msvc' This will run all variants that build for the windows platform using the msvc compiler. You can debug the build by using the '--debug' option with any of the available debug keywords, eg: 'cake --debug=run' Will output the command lines that Cake runs. 'cake --debug=reason' Will output the reason cake is rebuilding your files (ie. what has changed). Known Issues ------------ - There is no support for building a module (DLL) with import library under CodeWarrior. - There is no support for finding a CodeWarrior compiler automatically, eg. mwcw.findCodeWarriorCompiler().

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