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Minimum viable portal (MVP) template for APIs

This is a fill-in-the-blanks template for a minimum viable API portal that contains a getting started guide and a API reference documentation. Replace all of the [prompts in brackets] with content that's specific to your API. When you've replaced all the bracketed prompts, you'll have the essentials documented sufficiently to help people use your API.

If something in this template doesn't make sense for your API, delete it! And likewise, add any sections you need based on your API's particulars. We hope our suggestions in this template will spark more ideas about documenting features of your API to help users consume it.

Here's the template demo page:

Most of the content is written in Markdown, although the homepage is written in HTML. The template itself is a Jekyll site that you can use with gh-pages. If you want to run your docs on gh-pages, here's a guide by Jonathan McGlone to help you get set up:

Clone this project

Clone this project to get a copy of the template that you can update and personalize.

git clone
cd mvp-template

Optional: Run a local copy

Here are GitHub's instructions for running a local copy:

Files to update

These are the individual files to update with details about your own API.


  • Site settings: title, email, description, baseurl, url, git_address, git_edit_address
  • Theme options: bootwatch theme you want to use to use
  • defaults: schemas for pages (copy, paste, and update schemas as needed when you add or update pages and groups of pages)
  • collections: schemas for pages (copy, paste, and update schemas as needed when you add or update pages and groups of pages)


Information about your API and documentation.


Menu structure for Documentation pages. This is the file used by /_includes/docs_nav.html to build the left menu that appears on your Documentation pages.

You can add to the menu sections and pages, but any pages you add to this file must be saved in your project's _docs folder.

If you only updated content in /_about/, /_docs Markdown files, or /index.html, you don't need to make any changes in this file.


Individual files for:

  • Get started and authentication:
  • Workflows:
  • Code samples:
  • Reference and endpoints: or

This folder also contains a checklist and list of publishing options, which you can delete from your own site.

If you delete, replace, or rename any files in this folder, make sure to update /_data/docs.yml and /_includes/topnav.html to reflect your structural changes.

Markdown vs OpenAPI reference

If you prefer to use Swagger UI to render your reference documentation instead of creating Markdown files, here's what youll need to do:

  • Replace the file /dist/swagger_petstore.yml with your own YAML file in your local copy of the template repo to display your spec in the iframe
  • Delete the Markdown reference example file /_docs/
  • Delete the code <li class="active" ><a href="/mvp-template/docs/mdreference/">Reference</a></li> from the file /_includes/topnav.html
  • Delete the - mdreference menu item from the file /_data/docs.yml

To change formatting for the iframe, edit the .intrinsic-container and .intrinsic-container iframe classes in the file /_sass/bootstrap/_grid.scss.

If you prefer to create Markdown files for your reference, heres what youll need to do:

  • Delete the OpenAPI reference example file /_docs/
  • Delete the code <li class="active" ><a href="/mvp-template/docs/openapi/">OpenAPI</a></li> from the file /_includes/topnav.html
  • Delete the - openapi menu item from the file /_data/docs.yml


In this file specifies the text and linked pages to use in the top navigation bar.

If you delete, replace, add, or rename any pages, update the "includes" listings in the <div id="navbar" class="collapse navbar-collapse"> div to reflect your changes.

If you only updated content in /_about/, /_docs Markdown files, or /index.html, you don't need to make any changes in this file.


Favicon for your documentation site.


Hero image (bg.jpg) and logo (logonav.png) for your documentation site.

bg.jpg specs
logonav.png specs
  • Canvas 410px x 410px
  • Transparent background
  • PNG file


Content for the home page of your documentation site.

About the theme

This Jekyll documentation theme was developed by Can Gney Aksakalli.

The GitHub repo for this documenation theme is The demo is at

The theme is released under the MIT license.

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