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  • The goal of this project is to maintain a codebase for various Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Feel free to contribute in any way you want.
  • Please Make sure that you follow the contribution guidelines listed below.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Plagiarism will not be entertained. Any PR that is found to be suspicious of plagiarised work will not be merged and will be marked as spam.

  • Issues will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. The person who creates the issue gets the first priority. And then, issues are assigned based on who commented first. You just have to comment on the issue, asking to be assigned and the programming language you should be assigned in, and it will be done if found fit.

  • You cannot work on any issue that is not assigned to you. Only when you have been assigned, you can start working on it and raise a PR for the same.

  • If you have anything else to be said about this repository, feel free to create an issue regarding it.

Need Collaborators, If interested contact me.

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Language available

  • [x] C
  • [x] C++
  • [x] Java
  • [x] Python
  • [x] JavaScript
  • [x] C#
  • [x] Go


Steps to contribute

  • Go to Issue section either create a new issue or choose an existing one and choose your preferred language.
  • Wait for issue to be assigned to you.
  • Fork this repository.
  • Create a new branch with your name.
  • Add your code in relevant folder.
  • Commit your file with appropriate message.
  • Create Pull request.


How To Commit In CLI

$ git clone [email protected]:your_username/DSA-Library.git
$ git checkout -b Branch_Name
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'message'
$ git push -u origin Branch_Name

How To sync your forked repository

$ git fetch --all --prune
$ git checkout main
$ git reset --hard upstream/main
$ git push origin main


Hemanth Kotagiri


Meet our wonderful contributors.

Code of Conduct

Read our code of conduct.


MIT License.

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