Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Free Learning Resources related to Web-Development 🔥❤


Other Web-dev essential resources



hackerank Free Domain wise tutorials/challenges with certified badges

List Of Youtubers those will help you to land as a successful web-developer

Live Coding

These channels live code.


Learning Path First Basic of GitHub/Git In this path they cover everything basics related to GitHub/Git list as follows

Most Important thing Comes Now Languages/Tools&Technologies

And many more Nodejs/rest-Api/Store-Framework You can check it out that adding links suck now move forward👀

DevOps with GitHub

And more Learning-labs on GitHub Enterprise you can check it out that



Free Opensource sites for reading blogs

Game Dev Youtube channels

React And Firebase

Final TipAfter learning basics of HTML/CSS/JS You can go for Freecodecamp certifications those can help you .

Please add more resources if you have any i will definitely merge you PR and day by day i am also going to add more resources .

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