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Awesome Open Source

⚛️ gatsby-starter-strict

A Gatsby starter with strict linting and auto-formatting rules.

🚀 Getting started

  • Clone this project and install all the required dependencies (e.g. with npx gatsby new gatsby-example-site
  • Start a development server with yarn develop or npm run develop


Deploy to Netlify

✨ Developer experience

Automatic code formatting

Prettier aims to provide codebase consistency when multiple developers work on the same project. The main reason behind adopting it is to stop all the on-going debates over coding styles.

Static type checking

TypeScript adds optional types to JavaScript, preventing several programming mistakes. For a quick guide about using React with it, please refer to the React TypeScript Cheatsheet.


Source code is linted by ESLint, enforcing the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide through an overridable set of rules provided by eslint-config-airbnb.

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