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Best Jest plugin for coc.nvim.

Screenshot of the tool


  • [x] Starts Jest automatically when you're in a root folder project with Jest installed.
  • [x] Display failed test cases on gitter.
  • [x] Highlights the errors next to the expect functions.
  • [x] Navigate between list of failed test cases. (Using :CocList diagnostics)
  • [x] Work with Create React App out-of-the-box.
  • [ ] Customized icons.
  • [ ] Display passed test cases on gitter.
  • [ ] Zero configuration.
  • [ ] A one button update for failed snapshots.
  • [ ] Show coverage information in files being tested. (requires coverage to be collected by your jest config)


In your vim/neovim, run the command:

:CocInstall coc-inline-jest


  • TBD


  • inlineJest.enabled: Enable or disable the plugin, default is true.
  • inlineJest.pathToJest: Path to Jest binary, default ./node_modules/.bin/jest.
  • inlineJest.pathToConfig: Path to Jest config file, default ./jest.config.js.
  • inlineJest.pathToRoot: Path to project root, default ./.


License what? Just kidding, it's MIT.

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