Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Learn Something Every Day

My goal is to consistently learn new concepts and ideas that help me grow and enhance my understanding of software. I hope to develop this repository by adding summary notes on new topics throughout my career. The purpose of this repository is to help me retain all the information I have learned, so take a look into my brain and find some topics to delve into!

I take a lot of summary notes here, but I will often also put my learnings into an anki deck which is a wonderful way to do spaced repetition learning for long term retention. Taking summary notes in combination with some form of active recollection has worked really well for me and it would be my recommendation to anyone looking to always be learning in this fast changing industry.

Interested in Forking?

Write notes in Markdown with embedded LaTeX. When you push to develop, get CircleCI to render HTML pages using a small Ruby script and Pandoc, and then push the results to a Github Pages branch. The website build process is based on work by @davepagurek.


File structure

Each folder that contains Markdown files will have its own index in the rendered site. I tend to use one folder per course. Inside a course folder, I also make an img directory that just has images I use in my notes that I then reference with a relative path (e.g. <img src="img/some_image.png" />).

Local editing

I use Vim to edit my files. I use my fork of markdown-preview to create a Markdown preview with MathJax support, only refreshed on save. Here's a snippet from my .vimrc:

" In Vundle setup
Plugin 'iamcco/mathjax-support-for-mkdp'
Plugin 'davepagurek/markdown-preview.vim'
Plugin 'drmingdrmer/vim-syntax-markdown'

" Markdown preview config

" Only refresh preview on save (default is every edit, jumps around too much for my liking
let g:mkdp_refresh_on_save = 1

" Use Safari for preview (feel free to change to Chrome)
let g:mkdp_path_to_chrome = "open -a Safari"

" Use <Leader>mm to launch preview, <Leader>mn to close
nmap <silent> <Leader>mm <Plug>MarkdownPreview
nmap <silent> <Leader>mn <Plug>StopMarkdownPreview

" Enable MathJax
let g:vim_markdown_math = 1


  1. Make a develop branch
  2. Set up Github Pages for master
  3. Set up CircleCI for the project
  4. Authorize CircleCI to push to Github on your behalf:
  5. Add a user key from here:
  6. Change your Github email in

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