Algorithms And Data Structures

:abacus: Algorithms and Data Structures in several Programming Languages
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Python175,93334 days ago8September 18, 2022229mitPython
All Algorithms implemented in Python
Hello Algo63,796
2 days ago20otherJava
《Hello 算法》:动画图解、一键运行的数据结构与算法教程,支持 Python, C++, Java, C#, Go, Swift, JS, TS, Dart, Rust, C, Zig 等语言。English edition ongoing
C Plus Plus28,557
10 days ago27mitC++
Collection of various algorithms in mathematics, machine learning, computer science and physics implemented in C++ for educational purposes.
10 days ago20gpl-3.0C
Collection of various algorithms in mathematics, machine learning, computer science, physics, etc implemented in C for educational purposes.
11 days ago13March 31, 202210mitGo
Algorithms and Data Structures implemented in Go for beginners, following best practices.
Udacity Nanodegrees6,165
a year agomit
:mortar_board: List of Udacity Nanodegree programs with links to the free courses in their curricula
Rust Algorithms3,565
a year ago8March 26, 20213mitRust
Common data structures and algorithms in Rust
Coding Problems3,099
7 months ago1mitPython
Solutions for various coding/algorithmic problems and many useful resources for learning algorithms and data structures
5 years ago7otherPython
This repository is not maintained
Algorithm Archive2,232
4 months ago98mitPython
A collaborative book on algorithms
Alternatives To Algorithms And Data Structures
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:abacus: Algorithms and Data Structures

This repository provides several classic algorithms and data structures in Computer Science, as well as some extra problems that are frequently encountered in programming challenges.

In order to achieve greater coverage and encourage more people to contribute to the project, the algorithms are available in the following languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Go, Ruby, Javascript, Swift, Rust, Scala and Kotlin.

Dijkstra's Algorithm
FloydWarshall Algorithm
Binary Search
Graph Search
Linear Search (Iterative)
Linear Search (Recursive)
Linear Search (Sentinel)
Interpolation Search
Travelling Salesman
Hamiltonian Cycle
Connected Components
Exponentiation (Iterative)
Exponentiation (Recursive)
Factorial (Iterative)
Factorial (Recursive)
Fibonacci (Iterative)
Fibonacci (Recursive)
Fibonacci (Memoization)
Max (Recursive)
Min and Max (Iterative)
Min and Max (Recursive)
Min and Max (D&C)
Knight's Tour
Tower of Hanoi
Genetic Algorithm
Huffman's Algorithm
LZ77 Algorithm
Data Structures
Binary Tree
Binary Search Tree
Double-ended Queue
Dynamic Queue
Circular Linked List
Singly Linked List
Doubly Linked List
Unordered Linked List
Sorted Linked List
Skip List
Dynamic Stack
Ring Buffer
Hash Table
Sorting Algorithms
Bubble Sort
Bucket Sort
Cocktail Sort
Comb Sort
Counting Sort
Gnome Sort
Insertion Sort
Merge Sort
Radix Sort
Selection Sort
Shell Sort
Queue using Stacks
Two-Sum Problem
Leibniz Formula for Pi
Maze-Solving Algorithm
Rotten Oranges
Find Distinct Subsets

🍻 Contributing

Feel free to contribute to the project, all contributions are welcome. 😁

If you have questions about how to contribute, take a look at the CONTRIBUTING file.

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