Localtunnel implementation in Rust, expose local API to the public.
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Hysteria7,479814 hours ago54June 11, 202398mitGo
Hysteria is a powerful, lightning fast and censorship resistant proxy.
15 days ago16July 11, 20233mitGo
A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.
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Hackish way to intercept and modify non-HTTP protocols through Burp & others.
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25 days ago16August 15, 20222mitGo
Simple Golang SMTP relay/proxy server
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a month ago1mitRust
A nostr cloudflare workers proxy relay that publishes to all known relays
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localtunnel localtunnel-client localtunnel-server

Localtunnel exposes your localhost endpoint to the world, user cases are:

  • API testing
  • multiple devices access to single data store
  • peer to peer connection, workaround for NAT hole punching.

Client Usage

Known issue: the public proxy server is down, please setup your own server.

Use in CLI:

cargo install localtunnel

localtunnel client --host https://init.so --subdomain kaichao --port 3000

Use as a Rust library:

cargo add localtunnel-client
use localtunnel_client::{open_tunnel, broadcast, ClientConfig};

let (notify_shutdown, _) = broadcast::channel(1);

let config = ClientConfig {
    server: Some("https://init.so".to_string()),
    subdomain: Some("demo".to_string()),
    local_host: Some("localhost".to_string()),
    local_port: 3000,
    shutdown_signal: notify_shutdown.clone(),
    max_conn: 10,
    credential: None,
let result = open_tunnel(config).await?;

// Shutdown the background tasks by sending a signal.
let _ = notify_shutdown.send(());

Server Usage

Use in CLI:

localtunnel server --domain init.so --port 3000 --proxy-port 3001 --secure

Use as a Rust library,

cargo install localtunnel-server
use localtunnel_server::{start, ServerConfig};

let config = ServerConfig {
    domain: "init.so".to_string(),
    api_port: 3000,
    secure: true,
    max_sockets: 10,
    proxy_port: 3001,
    require_auth: false,



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