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A collection of OSX/iOS security related resources


Linking a microphone

  • The Story of CVE-2018-4184 or how a vulnearbility in OSX's Speech system allowed apps with access to the microphone to escape sandbox restrictions

iOS vulnerability write-up

  • A repository of iOS vulnerability write-ups as they are released
  • Also includes conference papers

iOS display bugs

  • Regularly updated list of iOS display bugs

Mac Virus

  • Frequently updated blog that provides a good summary of the latest unique mac malware.

Intego Mac Security Blog

  • Intego's corporate Mac security blog often contains recent and in-depth analysis of mac malware and other security issues


  • Objective-See's blog often contains in-depth breakdowns of malware they've reverse engineered and vulnarabilities they've discovered.

The Safe Mac

  • Resource to help educate Mac users about security issues. Contains historical as well as timely security updates.

Mac Security

  • Another Mac security blog. This often includes more in-depth analysis of specific threats.

OSX Daily

  • Not strictly security-specific but it contains jailbreaking information which has security implications



  • Utilities, tools, and scripts for managing and tracking a fleet of Macintoshes in a corporate environment collected by Google


  • System monitoring tool


  • A RESTful API and client that helps Apple Mac users determine if they are running the expected EFI firmware version given their Mac hardware and OS build version


  • Everything you need to know about the launchd service

OSX startup sequence

  • Step-by-step guide to the startup process

Google OSX hardening

  • Google's system hardening guide

Run any command in a sandbox

  • How to for using OSX's sandbox system


  • Reversing the Apple sandbox
  • Paper

OSX El Capitan Hardening Guide

  • Hardening guide for El Capitan

Hardening hardware and choosing a good BIOS

  • Protecting your hardware from "evil maid" attacks

Malware sample sources


  • Curated list of malware samples. Use this list if you're looking for interesting samples to reverse engineer

Alien Vault

Contagio malware dump

Digital Forensics / Incident Response (DFIR)



  • Python tool for proactive detection tool for malware and trojans
  • Source


  • Security auditing tool for UNIX-based systems, including macOS


Legacy Exec History

  • OSQuery module to give you a report of 32bit processes running on a 10.14 machine

Using the macOS/iOS knowledgeC.db Database to Determine Precise User and Application Usage

Artefacts for Mac OSX

  • Locations of sensitive files


  • Forensics framework


  • Physical memory manipulation


  • Memory analysis toolkit


  • Collection of OSX and iOS artifacts

Keychain analysis with Mac OSX Forensics

OSX Collector

  • Forensics utility developed by Yelp

OSX incident response

  • OSX incident response at GitHub Slides

iOS Instrumentation without jailbreaking

  • How to debug an iOS application that you didn't create


  • Paid service for analyzing the iTunes backup of your iOS device

Blackbag Tech free tools

OSX (Mac) Memory Acquisition and Analysis Using OSXpmem and Volatility


  • Mac Artifact Parsing Tool for processing full disk images and extracting useful information
  • The author also has a collection of DFIR scripts

Reverse engineering

New OS X Book

  • Frequently updated book on OSX internals

Collection of OSX reverse engineering resources

  • Another Awesome-style list dedicated to OSX reverse engineering resources

The iPhone Wiki

Reverse engineering OSX

OSX crackmes

  • A collection of puzzles to test your reverse engineering skills

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Cocoa Applications

  • Walkthrough for Coca applications

iOS Kernel source

  • Source code for iOS kernel

Reverse Engineering Challenges

  • Very good list of various crackme challenges that is categorized by level and OS

Awesome Reversing

  • Awesome list dedicated to reversing

Presentations and Papers

Area41 2018: Daniel Roethlisberger: Monitoring MacOS For Malware And Intrusions

Windshift APT

Automated Binary Analysis on iOS – A Case Study on Cryptographic Misuse in iOS Applications

  • Examining iOS applications for poorly guarded secrets

Writing Bad @$$ Malware for OSX

Methods of Malware Persistence on OSX

Advanced Mac OSX Rootkits

The Python Bytes Your Apple

  • Fuzzing and exploiting OSX kernel bugs

Breaking iOS Code Signing

The Apple Sandbox - 5 years later

Practical iOS App Hacking

Behavioral Detection and Prevention of Malware on OS X

Security on OSX and iOS


  • Video, hacking Mac's extensible firmware interface (EFI)

Direct Memory Attack the Kernel

Don't trust your eye, Apple graphics is compromised

  • security flaws in IOKit's graphics acceleration that lead to exploitation from the browser

Fuzzing and Exploiting OSX Vulnerabilities for Fun and Profit Complementary Active & Passive Fuzzing

Strolling into Ring-0 via I/O Kit Drivers

Juice Jacking

Attacking OSX for fun and profit tool set limiations frustration and table flipping Dan Tentler

Building an EmPyre with Python


Storing our Digital Lives - Mac Filesystems from MFS to APFS

Collection of mac4en6 papers/presentations

The Underground Economy of Apple ID

iOS of Sauron: How iOS Tracks Everything You Do

macOS/iOS Kernel Debugging and Heap Feng Shui

Billy Ellis iOS/OSX hacking YouTube channel

A Technical Autopsy of the Apple - FBI Debate using iPhone forensics | SANS DFIR Webcast

Jailbreaking Apple Watch at DEFCON-25

SandScout: Automatic Detection of Flaws in iOS Sandbox Profiles

  • An exploration of the sandbox protections policies
  • Presentation

Virus and exploit writeups

Detailed Analysis of macOS/iOS Vulnerability CVE-2019-6231

  • Exploration of QuartzCore/CoreAnimation flaw leading to a malicious application being able to read restricted memory.

kernelcache laundering

  • Load iOS12 kernelcaches and PAC code in IDA


  • Proof of concept for CVE-2018-4280: Mach port replacement vulnerability in launchd on iOS 11.2.6

Proof of Concept for Remote Code Execution in WebContent

  • MachO tricks - Appears to be slides from a presentation that ends with the CVE listed above

There's Life in the Old Dog Yet: Tearing New Holes into Intel/iPhone Cellular Modems

  • How the public warning system can be used as an attack vector

I can be Apple, and so can you

Leveraging emond on macOS for persistence

APFS credential leak vulnerability

  • A flaw in Unified Logs leaks the password for encrypted APFS volumes

A fun XNU infoleak



Flashback pt 2



  • Firmware bootkit

Malware in firmware: how to exploit a false sense of security

  • A post on the resurgence of bootkits and how to defend against them

Proton RAT

  • Exploration of a Remote Access Toolkit





Mac Defender

Wire Lurker


  • First OSX ransomware

Proof-of-concept USB attack

Dark Jedi

EFI attack that exploits a vulnerability in suspend-resume cycle Sentinel One write-up

XAgent Mac Malware Used In APT-28

Juice Jacking

Local Privilege Escalation for macOS 10.12.2 and XNU port Feng Shui

Ian Beer, Google Project Zero: "A deep-dive into the many flavors of IPC available on OS X."

  • Deep dive into the interprocess communication and its design flaws

PEGASUS iOS Kernel Vulnerability Explained

Analysis of iOS.GuiInject Adware Library


  • Gaining access through the wireless subsystem

Reverse Engineering and Abusing Apple Call Relay Protocol

  • Details the discovery of a vulnerability in Apple's Call handoff between mobile and desktop through analyzing network traffic.

Exploiting the Wifi Stack on Apple Devices

Google's Project Zero series of articles that detail vulnerabilities in the wireless stack used by Apple Devices

ChaiOS bug

  • A message that crashes iMessage
  • Looks similar to previous bugs rendering Arabic characters

Useful tools and guides

[email protected]

  • Mac enrollment helper provided by IBM


  • Audit and fix macOS High Sierra (10.13.x) security settings


  • Darwin/macOS emulation layer for Linux


  • Open source kernel monitoring


  • Developer jailbreak for Apple Watch

Booting Secure

  • Deep dive into Secure Boot on 2018 MacBook Pro

Tutorial - emulate an iOS kernel in QEMU up to launchd and userspace

  • Tutorial on getting an iOS kernel to run in QEMU


  • Monitor macOS for malicious activity
  • source


  • Audits system artifacts to help you identify unknown and novel threats

Are you really signed?

  • Utility to test for code-sign bypass vulnerability

osx security growler

  • Mac menubar item that lets you know about security events on your system


  • Automated malware analysis on macOS


  • method interface exchange


  • C and Python debugging framework for OSX


  • store and retrieve bitcode from Mach-O binary


  • retrieve and change information about mach-o files

onyx-the-black-cat (outdated original)

  • kernel module for OSX to defeat anti-debugging protection


  • CLI utility for creating and modifying DMG files


  • convert dmg to iso

Infosec Homebrew

  • Homebrew tap for security-related utilities

Awesome OSX Command Line

  • Collection of really useful shell commands

Keychain dump

  • Dump keychain credentials


  • Listing startup items. Also includes VirusTotal information


  • GUI for launchd


  • Excellent OSX debugger (requires license)


  • Python utility for generating imphash fingerprints for OSX binaries


  • Wireless scanning and packet capturing

Passive fuzz framework

  • Framework is for fuzzing OSX kernel vulnerability based on passive inline hook mechanism in kernel mode


  • GUI for generating .app bundles


  • CLI for generating .pkg installers



  • System firmware checker by Intel

Revisiting Mac OS X Kernel Rootkits by Phrack Magazine

  • A collection of OSX rootkit ideas

iPhone Data Protection in Depth


  • Remote control library for fuzz testing iOS apps


  • Blackbox fuzz testing for iOS apps (requires jailbreak)

iOS backup decrypt script

  • Contains a script for decrypting an encrypted iOS backup archive

Remote Packet Capture for iOS Devices

Pareto Security

  • A MenuBar app to automatically audit your Mac for basic security hygiene.

Mana Security

  • Vulnerability Management app for individuals. It helps to keep macOS and installed applications updated.

Remote Access Toolkits





EggShell surveillance tool - Works on OSX and jailbroken iOS

EvilOSX - Pure python post-exploitation toolkit

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