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Lightweight Role and Attribute based Access Control for Scala.

Easy to use DSL for assigning permissions to different roles.

Read more about RBAC and ABAC.


resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("jyotman","maven")

libraryDependencies += "xyz.jyotman" %% "cerberus" % "0.0.5"

Basic Example

import xyz.Types.Data
import xyz.jyotman.Cerberus
import xyz.jyotman.Dsl._
val data: Data = 
    ("user" can (
      ("read" any "project" attributes "title" & "description" & "!createdOn") also
        ("read" own "project" attributes "title" & "description") also
        ("create" own "project") also
        ("update" own "profile")       
      )) and
      ("curator" can (
        ("read" any "project") also
          ("update" any "project") also
          ("delete" any "project")
val cerberus = Cerberus(data)

cerberus.can("user", "create", "project").any // false
cerberus.can("user", "create", "project").own // true
cerberus.can("user", "read", "project").any(List("createdOn")) // false
cerberus.can("user", "read", "project").any(List("title", "description")) // true


Work in Progress

Inspired by Access Control.

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