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Convert markdown to live React demos

Built with: react-markdown, React Live, Rebass, and styled-components

Getting Started

npm i -g live-doc

Convert a markdown file to a React app and save as index.html:


Live Code Example

By using the .jsx language attribute at the beginning of a code block, live-doc will convert the example into a live-editable example using React Live.

  <Heading color='tomato'>
    Hello! Edit me
    onClick={e => {

In this example, the Rebass Heading component has been added to the scope in the docs/config.js file, making it available to the React Live preview.

React Live noInline Mode

To enable the noInline mode in React Live, use the ..jsx language attribute at the beginning of a code block.

const Hello = () => <h1>Hello</h1>

const App = () => (
    <Hello />
      onClick={e => {

render(<App />)

CLI Options

-d --out-dir    Output directory
-c --config     Path to config file


To customize the output React app, create a config file that exports an object.

// config.js
module.exports = {
  // Scope for react-live previews
  scope: {
    foo: 'Hello'
  title: 'Page Title',
  css: 'body { color: tomato }',
  script: 'console.log("Hello");',
  // Meta tags
  meta: [
      name: 'og:image',
      content: 'kitten.jpg'

Then pass the file with the --config flag to the CLI.

doc --config config.js

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MIT License

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