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This project is hosted on PyPI, so you should be able to install it and the necessary dependencies via:

pip3 install dbt-duckdb

The latest supported version targets dbt-core 1.1.x and duckdb 0.3.2.

Configuring your profile

DuckDB is an embedded database, similar to SQLite, but designed for OLAP-style analytics instead of OLTP. The only configuration parameter that is required in your profile (in addition to type: duckdb) is the path field, which should refer to a path on your local filesystem where you would like the DuckDB database file (and it's associated write-ahead log) to be written. You can also specify the schema parameter if you would like to use a schema besides the default (which is called main).

There is also a database field defined in the DuckDBCredentials class for consistency with the parent Credentials class, but it defaults to main and setting it to be something else will likely cause strange things to happen that I cannot fully predict, so, ya know, don't do that.

Developer Workflow

If you find that you need to add a feature to DuckDB in order to implement some functionality in dbt-duckdb, here is the workflow you can use for doing local development. First, you need to clone and build DuckDB from source:

$ git clone
$ cd duckdb
$ pip3 install -e tools/pythonpkg

in order to do a local install off of the main branch, and then run:

$ git clone
$ cd dbt-duckdb
$ pip3 install .

to install dbt-duckdb, at which point you will be able to run:

$ pip3 install pytest-dbt-adapter
$ pytest test/duckdb.dbtspec

to exercise the dbt-adapter-tests locally against your build of DuckDB (note that you also need to update in this directory to ensure that you are using your local version of duckdb, and not the released duckdb version 0.3.2)

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