Angular Material Es6 Example

Example Music Player App feat. Sails.js, ES6, Angular (v1.x), Jade, Gulp, Browserify, Babel, and Material Design
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Angular Material Es6 Example12
6 years agomitJavaScript
Example Music Player App feat. Sails.js, ES6, Angular (v1.x), Jade, Gulp, Browserify, Babel, and Material Design
7 years agoJavaScript
react+rails skeleton, using browserify and babelify to transpile jsx, material ui and bootstrap examples
Material Ui Icon Picker6223 years ago1October 05, 20173apache-2.0JavaScript
Angularify Material Seed3
8 years agogpl-2.0JavaScript
Angular+Browserify+Material seed project
Angular Material Chart Gulp Browserify Boilerplate3
7 years agomitJavaScript
[DEPRECATED] Boilerplate using Angular Material, SASS, Gulp, and Browserify that also utilizes best practices.
Es6 Angular Boilerplate2
8 years agoJavaScript
ES6 Angular Boilerplate
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jsbeats - Music Player Demo Project




Note: React version in the works. Angular v2 after that.


  • [x] File upload sailsjs details
  • [x] Add music form, title, artist, album, file
  • [x] Queue/playlist, displays title, artist, album
  • [x] Double-clicking in queue list plays selected song
  • [x] When a song finishes playing, play next song in queue
  • [x] Player status: current song title, artist, album, time elapsed, duration
  • [x] Player interface: play, stop, previous, next, scrubber bar, should all actually function.
  • [x] Actually playing audio.
  • [x] Simple UI theme in CSS.
  • [x] Persistence using REST API.
  • [x] Dummy data loader (set to auto initialize data)

Run the Project

Develped & Tested on Debian 8

git clone
cd angular-material-es6-example
npm install
npm run build
npm start

Then visit: http://localhost:1337/

Run with Docker

npm run docker-build
npm run docker-run

# Or to mount the local dev folder for live updating (no `docker build` needed for every change)
npm run docker-run-dev

Then visit: http://localhost:1337/


  • Media
    • Title
    • Artist
    • Album
    • AudioUrl
  • Playlist
    • Title
    • Tracks[Media]


Sample MP3 Files - Credits

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