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Usenet Docker


Docker Setup

  1. Update ./uidgid.env with the user and group IDs that will be running Docker
  2. Update ./docker-compose.yml and replace HOSTNAME with the URL that will be pointing at the docker container and replace /data_directory_path with the directory for config, downloads, movies and TV folders
  3. Choose which Usenet services containers the use and remove the extras from the ./docker-compose.yml file
    • There are serveral containers that are duplicate services, I just added them for extra choices
  4. Run docker-compose up -d to start all the Usenet services


  • I pointed subdomains to my home IP address for each service that I wanted external access to. I plan on setting up DynDNS with DD-WRT soon but for now my IP address has been the same for 2 months
  • In my router configuration I forwarded all the necessary ports to my local server running Docker

Note about Plex and setting up Plex server

  • Initially when all containers are fully running, Plex is accessible by IP:PORT/web/index.html but the Plex Server configuration is hidden. This is due to the Plex container being behind the Docker Network's IP and not being able to connect to
  • I found my solution in this Github issue thread
  • Specifically I had to SSH tunnel to the Plex Docker container ssh -L 8080:localhost:32400 [email protected], then opened a web browser and went to which allowed me to configure my server

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