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Dash-CI is a simple like dashboard to show (almost) real time continuous integration tasks status and other project information.

This application fits best using Google Chrome, full screen (F11) at a TV or large monitor. Current version does not have the intent to be used at PC's or touch devices.


There are two options for running Dash-CI: Online from or local at your machine with node or any web server.

To run online, goto

To run from source, download, extract and run npm install and npm start.

You can also use the prepared package at

Dash-Ci does not need a back-end. It uses browser local storage to save settings and service API's, but you need a server to serve static files since CORS does not allow XHR requests to local files.

First version ships with Microsoft TFS (or Visual Studio Online) widgets and Gitlab widgets.



Run online and click at the edit button to add or configure global options.

If this is your first usage, you need to set gitlab and/or tfs host and private access key.

If using TFS 2015 (that uses only NTLM), use the tfs-onpremises-ntlm executable. Use the tray icon to open the client. To run on linux, set ntlm credentials at config and run the executable as root.


  1. Label: A simple label to create semantic areas at your dashboard.

  2. Clock: A simple clock with current date and time.

  3. TFS - Build: Shows status of latest build definition run from a tfs project.

  4. TFS - Build Graph: Shows status with a graph of N build runs in a row from a tfs project.

  5. TFS - Query Count: Runs a saved query from tfs and show the items count. Useful to show open bugs, issues, etc.

  6. TFS - Query Chart: Runs a saved query from tfs and show the items count. Useful to show open bugs, issues, etc.

  7. TFS - Releases: Shows status of latest release definition run from a tfs project.

  8. TFS - Post Its: Shows a post-it view of any query.

  9. Gitlab - Pipeline: Shows status of latest pipeline run from a gitlab project.

  10. Gitlab - Pipeline Graph: Shows status with a graph of N pipeline runs in a row from a gitlab project.

  11. Gitlab - Issue Query: Counts issues at gitlab by group or project, filtering by label and state.

  12. Custom API - Count: Shows a count of any custom REST API.

  13. Custom API - Post It: Shows a view of post its of any custom API.


If you like this project, feel free to suggest or report a bug at github issues page.

Please contribute with photos of Dash-CI running at your TV's

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