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Translation editor

Translation editor for (web) apps. Edit your json properties translation files with ease.


  • [x] Add translations to multiple languages.
  • [x] Support multiple language files in parallel.
  • [x] Live HTML rendering.
  • [x] Export resource to ngx-translate format.
  • [x] Delete translation resources.
  • [ ] Support for nested keys.
  • [ ] Differentiator of incomplete location resources.
  • [ ] Parameter extractor (Angular, ie: {{ idParam }} => parameter = idParam).

JSON examples


  "login_sign_in": "Sign in",
  "login_sign_in_here": "Sign In here",
  "login_sign_up_now": "Sign up now",
  "login_subtitle": "Bizagi Community",
  "login_title": "Welcome to the",
  "login_welcome_to": "Welcome to",
  "register_have_bizagi_account": "Do you have a Bizagi account?",
  "register_terms_use_required": "Please select terms and conditions"


  "login_sign_in": "ログイン",
  "login_sign_in_here": "ここでサインイン",
  "login_sign_up_now": "今すぐ登録",
  "login_subtitle": "Bizagiコミュニティ",
  "login_title": "へようこそ",
  "login_welcome_to": "へようこそ!",
  "register_have_bizagi_account": "Bizagiアカウントをお持ちですか?",
  "register_terms_use_required": "契約条件を選択してください"
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