Learning Roadmap

a repository to keep track of my roadmap to being a more knowledgeable developer

Learning-Roadmap 📖🗺

A repository to keep track of my roadmap to being a more knowledgeable developer

Why I decided to make this? 🤔

I wanted to make this because I felt lost, without clear direction on where I my career to go. I want to be the best developer I can be, which means I need a roadmap.

My intentions with this roadmap ➡️

To give myself more structure and a clear picture on where I will be (skill-wise) within the next five years. My goal is to use this roadmap to guide my learning inside & outside of the office.

The Roadmap 🗺

Some of the inspiration has come from these guides:

Tier 1 - Getting Started

Tier 2 - Hot Tech

  • [ ] Project: Build an app/website that uses Apollo and GraphQL
  • [ ] Project: Build an app/website that uses TypeScript
  • [ ] Project: Build an mobile app with React Native

Tier 3 - Step It Up

  • [ ] Project: Build a Node CLI tool
  • [ ] Project: Publish a open source package on NPM
  • [ ] Project: Build a fullstack app with Apollo
  • completed Article: Read Project Specification Documents on August 27th, 2018
  • completed CS50 on September 2nd, 2018
  • completed "Build a Survey Form" on September 9th, 2018
  • completed Introduction to Computer Science and Programming with Python on October 29th, 2018
  • submitted talk to JS Heroes and Phoenix WordCamp
  • finished working on Timezoner Extension
  • got our Twilio/Python app working!
  • finished Twilio/Python blog post.
  • working on Gatsby freelance pro
  • stopped at Advanced React - Module 4. Clientside GraphQL - video 22
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