Coexisting Vue Microfrontends

A repo showing separate vue apps coexisting as microfrontends with single-spa
Alternatives To Coexisting Vue Microfrontends
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Hoppscotch59,84523 months ago11October 14, 2023292mitTypeScript
👽 Open source API development ecosystem -
Web Interview8,636
7 months ago296
Prerender Spa Plugin7,268426255a year ago19September 01, 2018204mitJavaScript
Prerenders static HTML in a single-page application.
React Snap4,88212948a year ago86December 13, 2018187mitJavaScript
👻 Zero-configuration framework-agnostic static prerendering for SPAs
Laravel Vue Spa2,804
3 years ago24August 15, 20215mitPHP
A Laravel-Vue SPA starter kit.
White Jotter2,144
2 years ago20mitJava
白卷是一款使用 Vue+Spring Boot 开发的前后端分离项目,附带全套开发教程。(A simple CMS developed by Spring Boot and Vue.js with development tutorials)
a year ago1January 04, 201928apache-2.0Go
dynamic server-side rendering using headless Chrome to effortlessly solve the SEO problem for modern javascript websites
a year ago56mitHTML
A Google Drive Index built with Vue Running on CloudFlare Workers
Universal Router1,65066784a year ago31June 23, 202334mitTypeScript
A simple middleware-style router for isomorphic JavaScript web apps
Vuejs Wordpress Theme Starter1,547
2 years ago36JavaScript
A WordPress theme with the guts ripped out and replaced with Vue.
Alternatives To Coexisting Vue Microfrontends
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