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Koi Farm

A Koi breeding game. Get it on steam or on

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HTML, CSS and Javascript content is compressed using, which is included in this repository as a submodule. Before building, ensure that this library has been cloned as well.

Make sure node.js and python 3 are installed. After calling npm i to install all required packages, the following commands can be used to create binaries using electron:

Operating system Command
Windows (32 bit) npm run build-win-32
Windows (64 bit) npm run build-win-64
Linux (64 bit) npm run build-linux-64
Mac (64 bit) npm run build-mac-64

Additionally, npm run compress can be called to compress HTML, CSS and Javscript content without building binaries. The compressed HTML file release.html will be created in the project root. The file requires the audio, font, svg and language directories to run, as well as favicon.ico and manifest.json.


The game is available in several languages. Translations can be found in this repository, and new translations can be proposed there; when new translations are made, I will add them to the game.


Contributions can be proposed by submitting pull requests. The best place to ask questions is in the official discord, which has a dedicated channel for source code related discussions.


Koi Farm is distributed under the Apache 2.0 with Commons Clause license.

Audio by 3xBlast.

Concept art by Samma van Klaarbergen.

Logo by Eveline Dubblinga.

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