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Timber Foundation Theme
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Alternatives To Timber Foundation Theme
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UNDERWOOD THEME - Foundation 5 Wordpress Starter theme with using Timber


This is a WordPress starter theme based on the awesome Foundation 5 by Zurb. This Foundation theme differs from the rest as it makes use to the fantastic Timber Library allowing you to use the Twig templating language. Timber facilitates a separation of concerns in Wordpress splitting the data and view of your project.

I personally don't like the lightbox and slider plugins that are included with Foundation 5 so I have included lightbox 2(Still a classic!) and Slick. These are installed when you you run bower install. This is obviously personal taste and can easily be removed by removing them from the bower.json file. See the bower site for more details about package management.

Please fork, copy, modify, delete, share or do whatever you like with this.

All contributions are welcome!


A brief explanation to the requirements (feel free to skip this if you're a pro):

Back in the days we wrote all styles in the style.css file. Then we realized that this could quickly create clutter and confusion, especially in larger projects. Foundation uses SASS (equivalent to LESS, used in Bootstrap). In short, SASS is a CSS pre-processor that allows you to write styles more effectively and tidy.

To compile SASS files into one style sheet, we use a tool called Gulp. In short, Gulp is a task runner that automates repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, linting, etc. Gulp and Gulp plugins are installed and managed via npm, the Node.js package manager. Before setting up Gulp ensure that your npm is up-to-date by running npm update -g npm (this might require sudo on certain systems)

Bower is a package manager used by Zurb to distribute Foundation. When you have Bower installed, you will be able to run bower update in the terminal to update Foundation to the latest version. (After an upgrade you must run gulp to recompile files).

Okay, so you'll need to have the following items installed before continuing.

  • Node.js: Use the installer provided on the NodeJS website.
  • Gulp: Run [sudo] npm install --global gulp
  • Bower: Run [sudo] npm install -g bower


cd my-wordpress-folder/wp-content/themes/
git clone https://github.com/jim-at-jibba/timber-foundation-theme.git
mv timber-foundation-theme your-theme-name
cd your-theme-name
npm install && bower install && gulp

While you're working on your project, run:


And you're set!

Check for Updates? Run: bower update

Stylesheet Folder Structure

  • style.css: Do not worry about this file. (For some reason) it's required by WordPress. All styling are handled in the Sass files described below

  • Coming Soon

Script Folder Structure

  • bower_components/: This is the source folder where all Foundation components are located. bower update will check and update scripts in this folder.

  • src/js/: This is where you put all your custom scripts. Every .js file you put in this directory will be minified and concatinated to [script.js]. The folder will be created when you first run gulp.

  • Please note that you must run gulp in your terminal for the script to be copied and concatinated.


How to make Foundation your own

Pull Requests

Pull requests are highly appreciated. Here are some guidelines to help:

  1. Solve a problem. Features are great, but even better is cleaning-up and fixing issues in the code that you discover
  2. Make sure that your code is bug-free and does not introduce new bugs
  3. Create a pull request


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