Calculate the number of nuclear reactors needed for the energy wasted by cryptocurrency mining
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RandomX, KawPow, CryptoNight and GhostRider unified CPU/GPU miner and RandomX benchmark
Bcoin2,8133668716 days ago57July 13, 2018194otherJavaScript
Javascript bitcoin library for node.js and browsers
8 months ago31mitPython
Just a really simple, insecure and incomplete implementation of a blockchain for a cryptocurrency made in Python as educational material. In other words, a simple Bitcoin clone.
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MPOS stands for Mining Portal Open Source. Issue tracker is now closed since it's not maintained anymore.
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æternity blockchain - scalable blockchain for the people - smart contracts, state channels, names, tokens
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A scalable all-in-one easy to setup cryptocurrency mining pool and portal written entirely in Node.js.
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ᕲ Duino-Coin is a coin that can be mined with almost everything, including Arduino boards.
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NiceHash easy to use CPU&GPU Miner
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Next-gen crypto currency mining pool software
15 days ago13mitJavaScript
An efficient browser extension to block browser-based cryptocurrency miners all over the web.
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cryptocurrency nuclear power

This script calculate the total electricity power needed by cryptocurrency miners (only miners, not including air conditionner), via the network hashrate of commons cryptocurrency and the power of hardware needed to mine.

On October 2020, cryptocurrency needs 35 nuclear reactors !

          Power  : cryptocurrency
    12058457534W : Bitcoin (12.06 GW)
     3901752371W : Monacoin (3.90 GW)
     2259830274W : Zcash (2.26 GW)
     1159370668W : Ethereum (1.16 GW)
     1066431941W : Decred (1.07 GW)
      591213900W : Dogecoin (591.21 MW)
      487516317W : GroestlCoin (487.52 MW)
      441576770W : BitcoinDiamond (441.58 MW)
      402455408W : Litecoin (402.46 MW)
      336659264W : Dash (336.66 MW)
      306769480W : Monero (306.77 MW)
      249246128W : BitcoinCashABC (249.25 MW)
      196559189W : Horizen (196.56 MW)
      150185010W : BitcoinSV (150.19 MW)
      117720650W : Viacoin (117.72 MW)

Total used power for all listed cryptocurrency: 24.48 GW

        = 0.92 % of world electricity
        = 35.26 nuclear reactors of 900MW
        = 7.83% of world nuclear reactors


  • 12 may 2018 : 7.78 GW
  • 12 jun 2018 : 8.46 GW
  • 18 august 2018 : 9.33 GW
  • 27 january 2019 : 10.24 GW = 14.75 nuclear reactors
  • 12 august 2019 : 16.13 GW = 23.2 nuclear reactors
  • 23 october 2020 : 24.48 GW = 35.26 nuclear reactors

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