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PostCSS plugin to unwrap nested properties.

Nested Properties

CSS has quite a few properties that are in “namespaces;” for instance, font-family, font-size, and font-weight are all in the font namespace. In CSS, if you want to set a bunch of properties in the same namespace, you have to type it out each time. This plugin provides a shortcut: just write the namespace once, then nest each of the sub-properties within it. For example:

.funky {
  font: {
    family: fantasy;
    size: 30em;
    weight: bold;

is compiled to:

.funky {
  font-family: fantasy;
  font-size: 30em;
  font-weight: bold;

The property namespace itself can also have a value. For example:

.funky {
  font: 20px/24px fantasy {
    weight: bold;

is compiled to:

.funky {
  font: 20px/24px fantasy;
  font-weight: bold;

For nested rules, use the postcss-nested plugin, but make sure to run it after this one.


$ npm install postcss-nested-props



postcss([ require('postcss-nested-props') ]);


import * as postcssNestedProps from 'postcss-nested-props';

postcss([ postcssNestedProps ]);


None at this time.


Run the following command:

$ npm test

This will build scripts, run tests and generate a code coverage report. Anything less than 100% coverage will throw an error.


For much faster development cycles, run the following commands in 2 separate processes:

$ npm run build:watch

Compiles TypeScript source into the ./dist folder and watches for changes.

$ npm run watch

Runs the tests in the ./dist folder and watches for changes.

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