Extract PostGIS tables as GeoJSON and TopoJSON
Alternatives To Postgis2geojson
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World countries in JSON, CSV, XML and Yaml. Any help is welcome!
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Tools for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and CSV files
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A framework for 3D geospatial visualization in the browser
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GeoJSON utilities that will make your life easier.
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Tilezen vector tile service - OpenStreetMap data in several formats
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대한민국 행정동 경계 파일
Southkorea Maps323
4 years ago6Python
South Korea administrative divisions in ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON and TopoJSON formats.
Us Maps305
6 years ago2
GeoJSON and TopoJSON map files
Alternatives To Postgis2geojson
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A simple tool for exporting from a PostGIS table to GeoJSON and TopoJSON. Assumes Python 2.7+, psycopg2, and TopoJSON are already installed and in your PATH.

Adapted from Bryan McBride's excellent PHP implementation.

####Example usage:

To export table boundaries from database gisdata as user user to both GeoJSON and TopoJSON:

python -d gisdata -t boundaries -u user --topojson

or, also specify that the geometry column is the_geom, only fields oid and name should be returned, and the output file should be called boundary_data:

python -d gisdata -t boundaries -u user -p password -g the_geom -f oid name -o boundary_data --topojson


Name Argument Default value Required Description
Help -h Show friendly help message
Database -d Y Database to use
Host -H localhost Host to connect to
User -U postgres Postgres user to use
Password -p Password for Postgres user
Port -P 5432 Database port
Table -t Y Table to query
Fields -f * Database fields to return, separated by a single space
Geometry -g geom Name of geometry column
Where -w Optional WHERE clause to add to the SQL query
File -o data.geojson Name of output file
Topojson --topojson Creates a TopoJSON file in addtion to a GeoJSON
Pretty print --pretty Pretty print the output

A full list of options is also available via python --help.

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