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The challenges for algorithm contests, and summary the implementation.


Top-level Folder Note
bin commands
topic implementation and summaries of algorithms and data structures
other for problems met in life
codeforces for Codeforces
codejam for PastContests in code jam from Google
codelab for Code Lab from Facebook
codewars for Codewars
geeksforgeeks for GeeksforGeeks
hackerrank for HackerRank
leetcode for LeetCode
lintcode for LintCode
pramp for Pramp
topcoder for ActiveContests, Practices, and ProblemArchives in Topcoder


Language Command
Python ./bin/
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Python (806,773
Algorithms (37,445
Data Structures (9,591
Leetcode (3,833
Hackerrank (1,151
Codeforces (870
Geeksforgeeks (281
Codewars (121
Topcoder (39
Lintcode (28