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Awesome Open Source

This project is not under development anymore.

I am using for editing my translations and exporting them to arb. With the following dart file I automate the proccess of downloading the files and converting them to dart code.

void main() async {
  var shell = Shell();


curl -s -o '' '$key'
unzip -qq '' -d 'l10n'
rm -f
rm -rf lib/l10n/
mv l10n/insights-arb-archive/l10n/ lib/
rm -rf l10n/
dart ../../flutter/dev/tools/localization/bin/gen_l10n.dart --template-arb-file intl_messages_en.arb --output-class AppStrings


Arb Editor

Arb Editor

This project is not stable and it could cause some errors during downloading Master version =>


  • [ ] Stable and functional
  • [ ] Number, plurals and dates support
  • [ ] Github implementation
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