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yUML extension

yUML extension for Visual Studio Code. Allows the creation of offline UML diagrams based on the yUML Syntax.


  • Syntax highlighting of .yuml files
  • Currently, the following diagram types are supported:
    • Class
    • Activity
    • Use-case
    • State
    • Deployment
    • Package
    • Sequence
      See the corresponding github project for the updated features
  • Update of yUML diagrams after each file save
  • Additional directives for altering diagram type and orientation
  • Embedded rendering engine: No need to call an external web service
  • Automatic sensing of light and dark themes
  • Code snippets with samples of each diagram
  • Integrated Markdown support

yUML extension screenshots

yUML syntax

Please refer to the wiki page

Invocation methods

Once a .yuml file is open, the viewer window can be invoked in two ways:

  • By opening the command pallete and [partially] typing: view yuml diagram (see the screenshot above)
  • By clicking the preview icon in the editor title area (see below)

title icon


There is a snippet for each diagram type. Just start typing one of the available diagram types: class, activity, usecase, state or deployment, package, sequence and a full example will be pasted into the yuml file.

yuml snippet screenshot

Markdown support

yUML code can now be embedded into markdown documents by using the fencing syntax, as shown:

yuml markdown screenshot

The yUML diagram will be directly rendered in the markdown preview window.

Top bar

A topbar will show some useful links when hovered (see below), for accessing the wiki page, writing a review, reporting bugs and requesting new features.

topbar screenshot

Extension Settings

No settings yet.

Issue reporting

If you have experience developing Visual Studio Code extensions, please propose a detailed solution for any reported issue or feature request.

For issues related to the yUML syntax, please post your issue in the corresponding github project


For pull requests, please read

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